Zander Van der Gjik

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Zander Van der Gjik
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Zander Van der Gjik in Rucesion, Temuair at the 2015 Skan-Pop Music Festival.
Born Marten Sternberg
(1991-04-27) 27 April 1991 (age 26)
Centurion, Westonaria
Residence Dakos, Belhavia
Rucesion, Temuair
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Ethnicity Westonarian Jews
Citizenship Yes
Alma mater Imperial Provisa University
(Provisa, Belhavia)
Occupation ProducerMusicianDJ
Years active 2012 - present
Home town Centurion, Westonaria (1991 - 1999)
Dakos, Belhavia (1999 - present)
Net worth $75.8 million URD
Religion Judaism
Relatives Zander van Voort (third cousin)

Zander Van der Gjik (born April 27, 1991), is commonly known by his stage name Zander Gikway, is a Belhavian-Westonarian who is a DJ, producer, and drummer. He is best known for his single "Magician", produced with Marten Sternberg, which was successful in numerous countries in 2014-15 and jumpstarted his musical career. He is popular in the Belhavian, Nijdelandish, and Aisling music and popular cultural scenes.

Early life


2012: Early career

2013-2014: Breakthrough

2015: Collaborations

Awards and nominations

Personal life

Van der Gjik's mother is Belhavian and he was born in Westonaria, granting him dual citizenship in both countries. When he was 8 years old, his parents, who worked for Roth Industries, were relocated to Dakos, Belhavia for their new employment.

Van der Gjik grew up most of his adolescent life in Belhavia; however, he and his parents were wealthy enough to visit Westonoaria often, with the rising musician telling Fate in 2013 that "I feel like a global citizen, you know? I grew up in Belhavia [...] I was born in and visited Westonaria a lot...I'm kinda a national country to really call my own."

In 2014, his collaboration with Marten Sternberg on their hit single "Magician" propelled their joint claims to fame and launched their musical careers, with the pair becoming a new staple on the music scenes in Taveria, Lusankya, and especially in Skandera. He and Sternberg have become best friends and are frequent collaborators on new music endeavors.

He is related to senior Trans-Taverian Chemical Company executive Zander van Voort, who is a third cousin on his mother's side.