Yuna Repina

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Yuna Repina
Юна Репиной
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Leader of Hollinsgurd
Repina Administration
In office
1 October 2025 – 3 October 2040
Vice President Svetlana Kovalyova
Preceded by Jacob B. Belov
Succeeded by Svetlana Kovalyova
Alastain Senator
In office
25 April 1991 – 25 April 2003
Minister of State
In office
20 May 2003 – 20 May 2009
Governor of Alastain
In office
10 September 2010 – 10 September 2025
Preceded by Jacob B. Belov
Personal details
Born Yuna Alice Alicova
April 16, 1963
Herdorn, Hollinsgurd
Died October 3, 2040 (77)
Nationality Gurdn
Political party Democratic Union (Hollinsgurd)
Spouse(s) Samuel Repina
Alma mater Gailorn University
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Yuna Alice Repina born on April 16th 1963, commonly known as Yuna Repina, she is a Hollinsgurdian politician and currently serves as the 14th Leader of Hollinsgurd and the 4th leader of the Fourth Authority. She is the leader of the Democratic Union, (2028-current). She has changed the idea of conservatism to be a more liberally conservative idea, most note this to be a stretch for support. She has drastically changed economic laws, taxation laws, judicial laws, legislative laws, and has amended the constitution three times in her leadership.

Repina was born in 1963, to an extended, well known Gurdn family from Aife County, Alastain. She attended the elite educational institution Gailorn University. At age 24 she married Samuel Repina in which they have one child. She entered politics in 1990, serving in the Alastain State Senate, 1990 - 2003, then as Secretary of State, 2003 - 2009, under President Alexander Nekrasov, and had three successful runs as Governor of Alastain. serving from 2010 to 2025.

In 2025 Yuna Repina garnered the support of the Democratic Union and defeated incumbent Social Liberal president Jacob B. Belov by a slight margin. Yuna Repina vowed during her first campaign to decrease taxation in hopes the Hollinsgurdian economy would reemerge to the largest, and to lower unemployment from the devastating 7.3% under the Belov Administration. She has also rewritten the education policy in Hollinsgurd as well as drastically reducing welfare funding. Social class boundaries have risen to an unstable rate during her tenure as president creating a wide divide from rich and poor citizens. Her devotion to reform and taxation decrease has effectively brought Hollinsgurd out of its recession but has also affected it in many other areas.

Early Life and Education

Early Career

Early Political Career

Alastain Senate

Secretary of State

Governor of Alastain

Ductor of Hollinsgurd

Yuna Repina being a strong voice of modern conservatism and a open market economy not bound by regulations, was a strong voice against the policies of Jacob B. Belov. Being the successor to Belov as Governor of Alastain she promptly announced her candidacy to run against Belov in the 2025 Presidential Election.

First Term

Second Term

Current Term

Political Positions

Personal Life

March 27, 2027 Yuna Repina made 3/5th Amendement to the constitution. This amendment is controversial and was deemed unconstitutional by many constitutional scholars. April 16th, 2027 she was charged with bribery and was tried for impeachment. The Senate had passed with a 4/5th majority for impeachment, whereas both the House of Leaders and House of the Judiciary only had 2/5th majority for impeachment.

Harold Herman Born in 1958 <was going to run in 2030

Arthur Wellman Born in 1988 <will run in 2035