Youth Cup

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The Youth Cup
Youth Cup logo 49.svg
Founded 2240 (Bedistani)
Region Worldwide
Number of teams 32
Current champions Jungle Strike FC (2nd title)
Most successful club Jungle Strike FC (2 titles)

The Youth Cup is a football competition organized by UICA for under-19 teams of the clubs which qualify for the group stage of the Champions’ Cup. It is the newest UICA club competition, founded in UICA season 49.


The draw for the Champions’ Cup group stage determines the groups for the Youth Cup, and the youth teams play exactly the same group schedule as their senior counterparts. The top two teams in each group advance to a sixteen-team knockout stage, which is played as single matches rather than home-and-away ties. If a match is tied, no extra time is played; kicks from the penalty mark are used instead. In the first knockout round, matches are hosted by the teams which finished first in their groups, while in the quarterfinals, the host teams are determined by a random draw. The semifinals and final are played at a neutral site, which is the same site that is chosen to host the Series B Champions’ Cup final.

Youth Cup finals

Edition Winners Score Runners-up Venue
1 Jungle Strike FC logo.png
Jungle Strike FC (VIL)
4–3 pen
Forest Hill FC logo.svg
Forest Hill FC (JSY)
Estadio Ferdinand Marcos
Ciudad Sangti, Sangti
2 Jan Mayen Islanders logo.png
Jan Mayen Ospreys (PIS)
2–1 Unknown club logo.svg
AFC Treason (NSB)
Marine World Park
Crosaibi, Vilita
3 Jungle Strike FC logo.png
Jungle Strike FC (VIL)
1–0 Unknown club logo.svg
Energia-Yaderny Miago (MYT)
Silanes Park
Echegoyan, Astograth

Titles by association

Titles Association Clubs
2 Vilita Flag.png Vilita (VIL) Jungle Strike FC (2)
1 Polar Islandstates Flag.png Polar Islandstates (PIS) Jan Mayen Ospreys