Yamas Tweed

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Yamas Tweed
Yamas Tweed performing in LET 5
Birth name Edward Tweed Yamanreiter
Born December 20, LAI 933
Capri, Luntzbusch
Died October 14, LET 14 (aged 81)
Capri, Luntzbusch, Radiatian Federation
Medium Stand-up, Television
Nationality Radiatia Radiatian
Years active LAI 978 - LET 10
Genres Political satire, Irony, Observational comedy
Subject(s) Radiatian culture, current events, Radiatian politics, international politics, everyday life, race relations
Influenced Akat Wifabaag, Martin Kalva, Fushi Sakka

Edward Tweed Yamanreiter (December 20 LAI 933 - October 14, LET 14), better known by his stage name Yamas Tweed was a Radiatian stand-up comedian, social critic and satirist.

Tweed is considered the "father of Radiatian comedy" and is one of the most influential comedians of all time - not in terms of contributions to the artform, but in terms of contributions to the world. Tweed is widely accredited with having introduced Radiatians to the concept of free speech during the communist era.

Tweed's material consisted of puns and word play, but also made frequent references to national and international events, mocking events such as the Isthmus War and even going so far as to write material which made light of Radiatian "zulags", making him one of the first people to speak openly about the repression that the ruling communist regime was engaged in.

While ordinarily his work would have been considered treasonous, under strict laws that existed at the time, Tweed befriended Supreme Chancellor Vereinen Freiheit, who essentially protected Tweed from punishment.

Tweed was also one of the first Radiatians to ever travel abroad, performing in ArghNeedAName despite the Radiatian borders being closed to the outside world at the time. Tweed was investigated by Trast Xinhua's "Committee of unRadiatian Activities" in LET 14 where he was questioned over his refusal to join the Communist Party.

Tweed died aged 81 on October 14th LET 14 - two weeks after the dissolution of the RPSU. His last words on his deathbed were, reportedly, "Wanna hear a joke? Communism."

President Traiyan Silviu ordered flags to fly half-mast upon his death and he was granted a full state funeral - one of few Radiatian civilians to receive this honour. Since LET 15 a charity dinner has been held every year in his honour.