Woden II

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Woden II Main Battle Tank
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Place of origin
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Service history
In service 1988-present
Used by
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Confederate Brytisc Fleet
Production history
Designer Tony Idai
Manufacturer Kuribayashi Arms
Unit cost $6,512,102
Produced 1989-1998
Number built 210 units
Weight 62 tonnes
Length 13.5m (gun forward)
Width 4.2m
Height 2.49m
Crew 4

Armor Volsung Level 2 (classified)
1x IT30 120mm rifled gun
1x 7.62mm co-ax chain gun, 1x 40mm grenade launcher
Engine Wernham-Hogg V12 diesel
890 kW
Power/weight 19.3hpt/t
Suspension Hydropneumatic
Ground clearance 0.5m
Fuel capacity 1,592 litres
550km on road, 250km off road
Speed 59km/h on road, 40km/h off road

The Woden II was the primary Main Battle Tank of the Confederate Brytisc Fleet. Designed and manufactured by Kuribayashi Arms in conjunction with Wernham-Hogg, the Woden II is not currently available for general sale. The successor to the successful second-generation Woden I, the Woden II is a highly-rated battle tank which performed well in international trials and a few cursory peacekeeping deployments. It was superceded in 1998 by the FV41 Auroch, when the Fleet Command decided that it was no longer financially viable to maintain an expensive R&D programme for Main Battle Tanks when the Brytisc Fleet made minimal use of them in comparison to other military vehicles. The Woden II is still used in training exercises and as a reservist unit.

Designed to be highly survivable, the Woden II mounts a rifled 120mm gun capable of firing HESH, APFSDS and white phosphorous rounds. It has a full visibility suite, offering 360° degree vision and a suite of thermal and night-vision systems, as well as a 7.62mm chaingun and a 40mm grenade launcher in order to provide close-in support against infantry and lighter targets.

The Woden II introduced a slew of armour upgrades, including Volsung Lvl 2 composite armour, bar armour, and explosive reactive armour kits, as well as NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) protection systems.

Additional features include smoke launchers and a BV (boiling vessel) for the preparation of hot beverages.