Parliament of Vyvland

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Parliament of Vyvland
Laanfeng Vyvluds
Parlement van Foelland
10th Parliament
Vyvlu Prumen diag.png
Political groups
     Christian Democratic and Conservative Party (K) (125)
     Liberal Party (L) (114)
     Capitalist Party (P) (52)
     Socialist Party (S) (104)
     National Party (N) (82)
     Greens (G) (33)
     Alliance (A) (20)
     United Left (K) (12)
     Vyvlander Front (V) (11)
     Monarchist Party (M) (7)
     Democratic Socialist Party (W) (3)
     Independents (I) (5)
Mixed-member proportional representation
Last election
October 2013
Meeting place
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Laanfenghaas, Lorence

The Parliament of Vyvland (known in Vyvlander and occasionally English as the Laanfeng Vyvluds or simply Laanfeng, pronounced /läːnðeŋ vʏvlʊdz/, Helish: Parlement van Foelland) is the unicameral legislature of Vyvland, and meets in Lorence, the nation's capital. It consists of 568 members, who are styled as wetaans. 280 of the wetaans are elected from single-member constituencies, while 288 are elected by provincial overhang seats, thus making each province's party representation roughly proportional to votes.

The voting system is a mixed-member proportional representation system, using a combination of first-past-the post, which is used to elect 280 constituency wetaans, and and overhang system, used to fill 'overhang seats', which complement the constituencies by adding on wetaans of under-represented constituency parties. This means that each province sends a delegation proportional to the votes for various parties cast in that province.

The Parliament was created upon Vyvlander reunification in 1983, as the direct successor to the North Vyvlander Parliament. The first nationwide elections were held in June 1984, when hundreds of new members for the former South Vyvland were elected. Until 2006, Parliament met in Vlud, before moving to the newly-renovated Laanfenghaas in Lorence.


Parliament is presided upon by the Administrator, the equivalent of the Speaker in many other countries' Parliaments. The Administrator may not be a member of a political party, however is nominated for election by the ruling party or coalition, which has caused controversy in the past with allegations of Administrator bias. The National Commission, Vyvland's cabinet, is formed only from members of Parliament, and is headed by the Prime Minister, who must also be a member.

Each member of parliament (known in Vyvlander as wetaans) receives an annual salary of µ34,000 per year. Their job as a wetaan tends to be their sole occupation, although some may hold down other jobs. Attendance at Parliament sessions is not compulsory, but party whips tend to enforce the presence of their party members on important votes. Wetaans are grouped in the chamber not by party alignment, but by the province which they represent.

Parliament meets four times a week; on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, while elections are held every four years. However, elections may occur before the four year term limit if a government collapses; due to the general lack of any party holding a majority of seats, this is a frequent occurrence and has happened six times out of eleven. Upon the election of a new government, the term limit is reset.