West Namor

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West Namor District
Location of West Namor in Namor
Location of West Namor in Namor
Country  Namor
Capital Shachin
 • Premier Txo Tunghan (L)
 • Total 21,813,334
 • Rank 11th in Namor
Time zone ST +6
 • Summer (DST) observed (UTC)
Area code(s) 07
Prefectures 5
Counties 53

West Namor (Нащику tr. Naxhiku) is a district located in western Namor. It borders Shanpei to the north, West Nozama to the east, Southern Namor to the southeast, Xhipei to the south and Luziyca to the west. With a population of nearly 22 million people, it is the 11th most populated first-level administrative division and the second least populated district, after Peitoa.

While most of West Namor is administered by Namor, most of Nantai is under the control of Luziyca as a constituent republic, save for the eastern neighborhoods of Po'ai municipality which have been under Namorese control since NMR 2298. Namor claims all of Nantai as a prefecture of West Namor and has designated all Luziycan-administered parts of Nantai as an unliberated area.

A large portion of West Namor is occupied by the Western Namorese Desert.

Administrative divisions of West Namor


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Map of West Namor's prefectures and counties

West Namor District consists of five prefectures and 53 counties. Due to the continued Luziycan administration over most of Nantai Prefecture, three county governments (Kenyen, Venha and Hihang) have yet to form. The county government of Po'ai, municipal government of Po'ai Municipality and prefectural government of Nantai are de facto one body, although it is understood that the they will be truly separate when the entirety of Nantai returns to Namorese control.

Prefecture Prefectural seat Population
Kenyen (de jure), Po'ai (de facto) 204,512 [note 1]


District government

The District Council of West Namor has 106 seats. According to district law, the number of seats elected by proportional representation without regard to constituency should parallel the number of seats elected by first-past-the-post, which in turn should parallel the number of counties. As such, there are 53 seats - each representing one of West Namor's 53 counties - and another 53 seats elected by party-list proportional representation.

Three of the 53 county seats - representing Kenyen, Venha and Hihang of Nantai Prefecture - are filled in by non-partisan non-elected members appointed by the Premier. District law mandates that until all of Nantai Prefecture is returned to Namorese control, the Premier must appoint legislators to represent the three counties "in accordance with the opinion of residents living in the occupied territories." The appointed members must be either residents of Nantai Prefecture or relatives of people from the prefecture.

National representation

West Namor is represented by 100 seats in the Central Council - 30 seats represent the 39th Legislative District and 70 seats represent the whole district. However, unlike most other districts which contain multiple legislative districts, West Namor is only made up of one legislative district, making the 39th Legislative District synonymous with the district.

Total composition of West Namor's delegation to the Central Council

88 5 7


1.^ Does not include the parts of Nantai under Luziycan administration