Vice President of the Radiatian Federation

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Vice President of the
Radiatian Federation
Josko Ivers

since 15th September 4064
StyleMister/Madam Vice President
The Most Honourable
Mr. Chairman
(As presiding officer of the Senate)
ResidenceLevel 99, Executive Tower, Federation Square, Xerconia, FCT
Term lengthFour years
Inaugural holderSamuel Negasi
FormationThird Radiatian Constitution
November 20, LET 44

The Vice President of the Radiatian Federation is an office created by the Third Radiatian Constitution. The Vice President is second in the Radiatian order of precedence, and would ascend to the position of President of the Radiatian Federation upon the death, resignation or removal of the sitting President.

Along with the President, the Vice President is indirectly elected via an electoral college to a four year term.

The Vice President also serves as Chairman of the Senate, acting in a role similar to the abolished role of Chairman of the Federal Council. They preside over Senate sessions and can act as a tie-breaker in voting.



A Vice President must be eligible for the role of President. Thus, to be Vice President one must:

  • Be a natural-born Radiatian citizen
  • Be aged at least 40 years
  • Have been resident in the Radiatian Federation for at least 14 years
  • Be deemed sane and in good-standing by the Supreme Court
  • Have previous experience in the federal government, whether as a Cabinet Minister, Senator, Premier, High-ranking Military Officer or a high-ranking Assemblyman

Nomination process

Vice Presidents are nominated at their party national convention. They are almost always selected by the Presidential candidate.

Usually a Vice Presidential candidate is selected to "balance the ticket", by being of another geographic region or of another party faction.


If the office of Vice President becomes vacant for whatever reason during a President's term, the President may nominate a new candidate which will be approved as the new Vice President by a majority vote of the Federal Parliament.

Roles and Responsibilities

Chairman of the Senate

The Vice President oversees the procedure and conduct of the Radiatian Federal Senate, acting as the Speaker.

He may appoint a Senator to act as temporary Speaker in his absence, but this is not an official or permanent role.

The Vice President may cast a tie-breaking vote in the event of a deadlock in the Senate.

Acting President

In the event that the President is incapacitated in some way and unable to perform his official duties, the Vice President can become Acting President for a specific amount of time.

Alternatively, if the Supreme Court declares the President mentally or physically unfit for duty, the Federal Parliament can declare the Vice President to be the new President by a majority vote.

The Vice President automatically ascends to the Presidency is the President dies, resigns or is removed from office.

Compensation and benefits

The Vice President earns a salary of 600,000 Tsenyens per year plus expenses

He has an official residence on Level 99 of the Executive Tower in Federation Square - the former residence and office of the Prime Minister of the Radiatian Federation.