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Moraine Lake 17092005.jpg
Besaria's Lake Snowtus, in northern Vestrim
Area8,964,321 km²
Countries and territories Gyldenport
DFflag2.png UVSS
Languages and language familiesAquidish, Faldarunic, High Almannic, Karjarman, High Vesperian, Tlahtolli, Lhedwinic, Navish, Newreyan, Tapetihan
Nominal GDPTBD
GDP per capitaTBD
Time zonesUTC-3 to UTC -8
Capital citiesGyldenport Gyldenport City
Isolaprugna Costapunente
Liberimery Grand Sachem
Nordhurlant Nordhurstadt
DFflag2.png Endeavour
Ovandera Vannerr

Vestrim is a continent within the northern hemisphere of Aeia. The continent was formerly home to many Asuran empires, subject to widespread colonisation and settlement between the 16th and 20th centuries. Eventually, the colonies of Vestrim broke away from their colonial masters, either through force of arms, diplomacy or financial difficulties within the homeland. An incredibly diverse continent, both ethnically and politically, Vestrim is home to the majority of Aeian Anarchistic and Libertarian Socialist nations, although it still maintains several authoritarian states leftover from the Colonial era. The population of Vestrim is around X as of 2016.


There have been many names for the continent of Vestrim over the years, with most early depictions of the continent naming it the "New World" or "Terra Nova". As knowledge of the continent grew, however, and in-depth surveys of the continent's geography began to be carried out maps began to write "Vestriña was here" or "Vestriña's land" after Alfonso Vestriña, a Veleazan explorer noted for his detailed analyses of the continent. Over time this became simply Vestrin, or Vestrim depending on publications. Gradually the use of "Vestrin" died out to the more prominent "Vestrim".


Terrain and Climate



Sovereign entities