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Vanderbilt Auto Group LLC
TypeLimited liability company
FoundedAugust 3, 1922 (1922-08-03) (96 years ago)
Founder(s)John Vanderbilt
HeadquartersCourant, Merritt, URE
Area servedWorldwide

Luxury vehicles
Commercial vehicles

Automotive parts



Vanderbilt Auto Group LLC, formerly Vanderbilt Corporation, is an Emmerian multinational automobile manufacturer headquartered in metro Courant, Merritt, United Republic of Emmeria. The company is one of the "Big 3" U.R. automobile manufacturers and the third-largest automotive producer in the United Republic, behind EMC and Hunter. It is currently one of the ten leading automobile manufacturers in Pardes.

The company was founded by John Vanderbilt in 1922 as the Vanderbilt Motor Company. Over time, Vanderbilt would undergo a number of ownership changes and acquire several Emmerian and international manufacturers, notably Brandt Motor Company. The company today produces, markets, and sells its automobiles worldwide under a variety of brands overseen by its subdivisions. These include its flagship premium luxury brand Vanderbilt, its lower-cost equivalent Brandt, its jeep brand Traveler, and its high-performance PVD. Overall, the company is one of the most important firms involved in the industrial period of the Emmerian economy.

Vanderbilt has been the official league sponsor of the Vanderbilt Premier League, an Estovnian association football league, since 1998.

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