United Republic of Emmeria

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United Republic of Emmeria

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Flag Great Seal
Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God (official)
Arcem Libertas (traditional)
(Latin: Bastion of Liberty)
Glowing Victory
Capital Oured, D.A.
Government Federal presidential constitutional republic
 - Established 1801
 - Disestablished 1882
Currency United Republic dollar ($)

The United Republic of Emmeria' (commonly called United Republic, U.R., the URE) was a federal constitutional republic and presidential representative democracy in Pardes. The nation, comprised 41 states, one federal district, an incorporated commonwealth, and a number of territories.

Indigenous Emmerians dominated the land for thousands of years. The arrival of Belfrasian merchants and explorers by the 1400s along the western coast, largely countered this trend. The displacement of native tribes following large-scale conflicts between the native tribes and Belfrasian explorers. As Kingdom of Belfras became a colonial power in the area, a number of tensions between the Belfrasian parliament and Emmerian rebels, led by Henry Oured, led to a revolutionary war following the United Republic Declaration of Independence in 1801.

Following the war of independence the United Republic expanded, exploring much of the west and the north. On 1878 president Rupert Gingrich signed a bill of the United Republic senate that would abolish slavery in the United Republic. This sparked controversy, because the United Republic's economy relied on slavery, especially in particular states alongside the east coast. With that in mind several states seceded from the United Republic and joined the newly established Confederate Republic of Emmeria and declared war on the United Republic on February 1, 1878. For 4 years the two countries combated each other what came to be known as the Emmerian Civil War, which ended in a surrender of the United Republic and the incorporation of all United Republic states into the Confederate Republic on February 1, 1882 officially.