United Republic Marine Corps

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"Semper fi"
―Motto of the URMC; short for Semper Fidelus (Latin for "Always Faithful")

The United Republic Marine Corps (URMC) is a branch of the U.R. armed forces responsible for operations relating to force projection from naval assets in the sea. This capability is employed through the use of the mobility of the U.R. Navy to deliver combined-arms assets to the battlespace. The URMC is one of the seven Uniformed services of the United Republic and one of the five Armed services of the United Republic Armed Forces. Although a separate branch from the Navy in the military organizational structure, the Marine Corps is a component of the Department of the Navy, often working closely with the Navy for training, transportation, and logistics. The Marine Corps is headquartered in the Paragon, the headquarters of the Department of Defense. It was formed on November 4, 1801 as the Independence Marines, a naval infantry formation at the time consisting of two battalions.

Currently the Marine Corps has an active strength of 1,212,714 marines and a reserve component numbering 707,970. It is the smallest armed service that is permanently part of the Department of Defense.