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LaunchedAs wire service:
February 1846 (1846-02)
As television channel:
July 1984 (1984-07)
Owned byGale Broadcasting System (Williams & Sons)
Picture format1080i HDTV
(Downgraded to letterboxed 480i for SDTV feed)
SloganThe whole world in your living room
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United Republic
Broadcast areaUnited Republic
Worldwide (via UPN International)
online (via UPN Live)
radio (via UPNradio)
HeadquartersUPN Global Center, Alana, Antea
United Republic of Emmeria
Formerly calledUnited Press
Sister channel(s)UPN International
UPN Persian
UPN en Espanol
UPN Belhavia
other channels in GBS

The United Press Network (UPN) is an Emmerian 24-hour cable and satellite news channel owned by the Gale Broadcasting System division of Emmerian media giant Williams & Sons. It primarily broadcasts from Williams & Sons broadcasting facilities in Chaleur as well as studios in Oured, D.A. and San Loma, but its headquarters at the UPN Global Center in Alana is also often used.

Launched initially as the United Press, a news wire service, in 1846, the organization would expand into radio and television programs by the 1940s under the Hardings Broadcasting Company. In 1984, after being acquired by media mogul Richard Gale, the organization was transformed into the United Press Network and experienced sweeping transformations, notably the elimination of news wire services and the establishment of the first dedicated all-news television channel in the United Republic, providing 24-hour news coverage.

UPN has numerous affiliates throughout the United Republic and the rest of the world. It is often called UPN U.R. to distinguish it from the sister channel UPN International that broadcasts globally. Through UPN International, UPN programming is available in almost every country, making the UPN network one of the largest cable news networks in the world. UPN is available as a channel in over 100 million U.R. households, and is carried by numerous cable providers in Erucia as well. It is generally regarded as the largest of the major U.R. cable news providers.

In 1986, UPN launched a sister channel UPN2, later rebranded as UPN Newsflash and eventually becoming the standalone Newsflash channel, as a spinoff channel structured to provide a short, 30-minute newscast that would be rebroadcast every half hour for the entire day. It is intended to provide short-form coverage of major U.R. and global events.