United Left

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United Left
Ynid Wensjre
Vereinigde Links
Ynid Lengks.png
Leader collective
Founded 1984
Headquarters Proyleteeriatsaas (House of the Proleteriat), Rybedsjri, Meeri

democratic socialism
internal factions
 • Marxism
 • anarcho-communism
 • eco-socialism

Political position far-left
Official colours Red     
12 / 580
Esquarian Parliament
0 / 23
Provincial Diets
57 / 2,078
Election symbol Y
Website http://www.komynes.vy
Politics of Vyvland

The United Left (Vyvlander: Ynid Wensjre, YW), previously known as the Communist Party, is a Vyvlander political party, representing the far-left in the Vyvlander Parliament. The party is considered to be a catch-all radical socialist party appealing broadly to the far-left, and including factions from anarcho-communism to Leninism.

The city of Meeri is something of a United Left stronghold, with 14 out of 22 members of the council and both constituency MPs from the party. However, support over the rest of the country is low, with the party losing five of its seventeen seats in the 2013 Vyvlander general election.


The party flag of the former Communist Party of Vyvland, precursor to the United Left

The North Vyvlander government banned communism for fear of rebellion against the monarchy, however this ban was lifted in 1969. Two communist members were elected to the National Diet of North Vyvland in 1972 general election but refused to take their seats. As such, the previously unofficial communist movements in Vyvland were able to group together into one official party in 1984, gaining their first seats in the 1986 election, which was the first to be carried our under the current mixed-member proportional system. Their one period in government was from 2005 to 2009, after signing an adapted confidence-and-supply-style agreement with the Socialists and Greens.

However, the party has been relatively unstable since then due to the discrepancy between its internal factions, and various sects and groupings have split off from the party since its foundation. Offshoots include the Stalinist Movement of Vyvland, the Party of the Proleteriat and the Anarcho-Communist Alliance. The leadership of the party discussed a de-merger into a hardline Marxist-Leninist Communist Party and a more anarchistic, moderate or eurocommunist party to solve this, and this was carried out in September 2013. The move was partly provoked by their poor Esquarian Parliament election results three days beforehand, in which the party had lost its one seat and gained only 1.5% of the vote, half as much as in the previous election. Despite the move, the 2013 general election was not a success for the party, which gained its lowest seat share since Vyvlander reunification (including elections as the Communist Party), with some of the vote siphoned off to the Democratic Socialist Party.


United Left's main pledge is to try to rid Vyvland of class and money, but many of its policies, realising the unlikelihood of their main aim, are more moderate. However, internal disputes often prevent extensive manifestos being made before elections.