United Cities of Azenyanistan

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The Sacred and Serene Union of Various Azen Cities Under the Flag of Azenyanistan
United Cities of Azenyanistan
Flag Sigil
Motto: "United but many - Together but one!"
Anthem: "Cities United!"
Coat of Arms
Coat of arms Azen.PNG
Map of Azenyanistan
Map of Azenyanistan
and largest city
New Yaneza
Official languages Azenish, Newreyan and Veleazan
Recognised national languages Azenish
Ethnic groups (2010) 85% Azenish, 15% Others
Demonym Azen
Government Semi-presidential
 -  President of the Cities Seras Gloriana Victory
 -  Vice President of the Cities Selagosara Alronica
 -  Prime Minister of the Cities Anadadvar Noro
 -  Formation of the Great City of Isidoro to be placed 
 -  Union of Isidoro and to be placed 
 -  to be placed to be placed 
 -  to be placed to be placed km2to be placed (to be placed)
to be placed sq mi
 -  Water (%) to be placed
 -  to be placed
 -  to be placed estimate 5,011,102 (to be placed)
 -  to be placed census to be placed
 -  Density to be placed/km2 (to be placed)
to be placed/sq mi
GDP (PPP) to be placed estimate
 -  Total to be placed (to be placed)
 -  Per capita to be placed (to be placed)
GDP (nominal) to be placed estimate
 -  Total to be placed (to be placed)
 -  Per capita $53,200 (2017 est.) (to be placed)
Gini (to be placed)to be placed
Error: Invalid Gini value · to be placed
HDI (to be placed)0.916
very high · to be placed
Currency marks (UMK)
Time zone to be placed (UTCto be placed)
 -  Summer (DST) to be placed (UTCto be placed)
to be placed
Antipodes to be placed
Date format yyyy-mm-dd
Drives on the the right
Calling code +11
ISO 3166 code TO BE PLACED
Internet TLD to be placed
1. to be placed
2. to be placed
7. to be placed
to be placed

The United Cities of Azenyanistan or the Union of Azenynaistan is a sovereign state located on the eastern part of Satara (the Azenish name for the continent, which is Majula) in Aeia, facing the Majulan Ocean. The country is bordered to the north by Vijayadesh. Azenish territory includes the island of Pliego.


Modern humans arrived in the area now known as the United Cities of Azenyanistan around 20000 years ago. This area in Eastern Majula was called Lágaperas in modern Azenish. Over time several kingdoms formed around 440 , the most notable forming close to the sea. They were named Lunaparisa, Cuarabelos, and Naracollazos. The kingdoms of Lunaparisa and Naracollazos went to war against each other on 11 BCE. The wars that they fought lasted until 10 CE when the Peace of the First Kingdoms was signed by the monarchs of both kingdoms. The result was that the kingdoms grew in size according to the territories they took from each other and from surrounding lands.

However, in the year 22 CE, the kingdom of Cuarabelos challenged the two kingdoms at the same time and started a war that lasted until 26 CE. At that time, the Peace of Cuaras, which was named after one of the border cities of the kingdom where the peace was signed, took effect. Because of this, this kingdom took over the two kingdoms that won those first wars. Thus, under this kingdom, the first time that these lands were united was set into history.

From that time onwards, Cuarabelos existed as the only kingdom in the land until the year 476 when it collapsed due to unceasing rebellions by the Gentesuras (the people of the South).




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