Union for a Just Society

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Union for a Just Society
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Logo of the UFAJS
Motto "But like the Holy One who called you, be holy yourselves also in all your behavior; because it is written, "You shall be holy, for I am holy."
Formation 18 May 1969
Type Pressure group, Charity
Legal status Active
Purpose Pressuring governments over social issues, offering sex education, drug rehabilitation and morality advice
Headquarters Romulă
Peter Greystone
Rosaria Verescu
Parent organization
Romulan Catholic Church
Increase 32,500

The Union for a Just Society is a global network of Romulan Catholic pressure groups aimed at reintroducing religious morals and virtues to secular societies across the globe, according to its mission charter. It was formed in 1969 in wake of the cultural revolution of the decade, with all the groups brought together under an umbrella organisation run by the Catholic Church. According to its website, in 2014 it had over 740,000 members located in eleven different countries. It is well renown for its opposition to abortion, same-sex marriage and perceived soft standings of governments on major social problems, including the over-sexualisation of the media, youth and the open acceptance of narcotics, prostitution and pornography in societies.

The UFAJS is marred in controversy, it has been known to launch vicious campaigns against politicians and celebrities involved in scandals and taking part in activities the UFAJS considers immoral, the most notable case was its campaign against the adult actress, Xoana Noela Navia and the now exiled Rodarian artist, Julia Tudor.



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