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UCCN, United Collaborative of Contradictory Nations
Population 1,800,162,470
Countries 15
Largest cities (Capitals of the UCCN) Edrona, Shalensduge, Martinsburg, Airbor

The United Collaborative of Contradictory Nations (UCCN) was created in 1984, unifying its five founding members. The Collaborative's charter sets a loose system of beliefs in place. Instead of uniting around one ideaology, members of the UCCN work for the progress of the region through their own independence. The military forces of the UCCN work towards maintaining peace within the region.

On 24 May 2027, however, the peace was disrupted when Hollinsgurd declared war on Siclona in face of economic sanctions placed upon the nation. Although no fighting actually took place, The War of True Democracy created speculation in whether or not such a should would continue to exist.

Below are listed a number of nations that are part of the region of the UCCN.

Short and formal names Capital Population Government
Siclona.jpeg Siclona – Serene Republic of Siclona Edrona 260,234,652 Republic
Flagofhol.jpeg Hollinsgurd - Federative Republic of Hollinsgurd Shalensduge 263,368,740 Federal Republic
KonflaniaNationalFlag.png Closinworth – People's Republic of Closinworth Vheirdenberg 228,762,088 People's Republic
Kelliaflag.jpg Kellia – Constitutional Monarchy of Kellia Martinsburg 242,325,578 Constitutional Monarchy
Neninshkaflag.PNG Neninshka – Empire of Neninshka Airbor 194,682,173 Semi Constitutional Monarchy
Borkhinflag.JPG Borkhin – United Socialist Republic of Borkhin Borkhinia 123,791,103 Dictatorship
Meirgordenflag.PNG Meirgorden – United Socialist States of Meirgorden  ? 131,421,001 Communist State
Dinkerholdflag.jpeg Dinkerhold – Commonwealth of Dinkerhold  ? 106,190,276 Semi-Presidential Federal Republic
Airbor – Colony of Airbor  ? 22,491,690 Colonial Republic
New Hollinsgurd – Colonial Republic of New Hollinsgurd  ? 165,421,906 Colonial Republic
Borkflag.jpeg Bork – New Bork  ? 3,055,077 Dictatorship
Sabovia The Kingdom of Sabovia  ? 94,812,746 Semi Monarchy
United Sabovia  ? 68,274,658  ?
Athaurus – The Commonwealth of Athaurus Griffinview 148,408,285 Commonwealth
Sparatrea - Queendom of Sparatrea  ? 34,133,906 Absolute Monarchy
Grayanbork - The Federation of Grayanbork  ? 67,835,992 Federation


The Military of the UCCN is made up of the mandated 10-15% of a countries military. A country that has less than 2.5 million soldiers, active and on reserve give 15% of their military to the Military of the UCCN. A country that has more than 2.5 million soldiers, active and on reserve give 10% of their military to the Military of the UCCN.

The current standing Military of the UCCN has 3,198,978 active and on reserve members.