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Demonym Tyranian
Countries 21

Below is a list of nations and their general information that make up the region of Tyran. It consists of three primary continents -- Eracura in the north, Siduri in the south, and Inara in the east -- and its large collection of archipelagos.

List of Sovereign States in the Tyran

Flag English Short Name English Long Name Domestic Long Names Capital Currency
Acrea Acrean Soviet Federation Russian: Акаская советский Федерации Kharkiv Ducat
Akashi Republic of Akashi Miranian: 明石共和国 (Akashi kyōwakoku)
Kāhē: Akahi hēwāreriaē
Portsmouth Minrin
Alemarr flag.jpg
Alemarr Holy Empire of Alemarr Finnish: Alemarr Pyhä Valtakunta Jyväskylä Mark
Arkoenn flag.png
Arkoenn Empire of Arkoenn Arkoennite: Ekasadan Arkoana Arkonis Skyrrh
Azura and Montemayor Empire of Azura and Montemayor Slovak: Ríše Azura a Montemayor Hrabské Isgat
Cacerta Kingdom of Cacerta Italian: Il Regno di Cacerta Vichenza Inganarre
Delkora Flag.png
Delkora Kingdom of Delkora Delkoran: Konjuraiket Delkor Norenstal Veld
Dreyesau Republic of Dreyesau San Valloa Dreyen Dollar
Greater Fiore Most Serene State of Greater Fiore French: Etat le Plus Serein de Fiore Umbra Lira
Flag1-morecleanup vectorized.png
Gylias Republic of Gylias English: Republic of Gylias Mishawaka Thaler
Kirisaki The Empire of Kirisaki Miranian: 桐崎帝國 (Kirisaki-teikoku) Kirayuki Rin
Flag of Okinoshima, Shimane.svg
Lirinya Serene Federation of Lirinya Lirinyii: Lirinyii Excalnia Catrionia Criona
Nalaya Military Protectorate of Nalaya Sevan Nshel
Ossoria High Kingdom of Ossoria Ossorian: Ard Ríocht Osraí Kenlis Coróin
Ozya Unified Ozyan Republic Ozyan Cyrillic: Озйская Тонгил Гонгхwагуг
Hangul: 오자인 통일 공화국
(Ozyskaya/Ojain Tong-il Gonghwagug)
Jeonsong Lubeul
Phonox The Republic of Phonox Miranian: フノックス共和国 (Funokkusu kyōwakoku) Daiju Akari
Quenmin Democratic Empire of Quenmin Chữ Quốc Ngữ: Đế chế Dân chủ của Quen Minh
Chữ Nôm: 帝𠶜民主𧶮捐盟
Cao Khoát Tiền
Tyran Rapallo Flag.png
Rapallo Allied Kingdoms of Rapallo Rapallan: Alleata Regno di Rapallo Chiavari & Krora Tresk
Ruvelka Principality of Ruvelka Ruvelkan: Ûìḥìúìłìṳḻïų Ṷḭṻìłīṷḻủíų
Hungarian: Fejedelemség Ruvelország
Debrecen Lari
Flag of Thuringia (state).svg
Saint Elena Principality of Saint Elena Vorst Sint-Elena Heerenrode Elenese Mark
Schottia Free Colony of Schottia Handon Schottic Pound
Sevase United Kingdom of Sevase Casteña: El Reino Unido de Sevasé Vazquez Segretál
Shalum 697554.png
Shalum Empire of Shalum Aragon Dollar
Syara Commonality of Syara Syaran: Istovjetnost od Syara Zovahr Dinar
Tennai Kingdom of Tennai Samil: தென்னை Aminjikarai Tali
Tharsatica flag.png
Tharsatica Most Serene Republic of Tharsatica Ragusa Ducat