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CT Mark V Tuono
Type Main Battle Tank
Place of origin  Cacerta
Service history
In service 2003 - Present
Used by
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Cacertian Royal Army
Wars Triple Continent Conflict
New Edomite Succession War
Nalayan Civil War
Production history
Designer Crocetto Heavy Industries
Designed 1999 - 2002
Manufacturer Crocetto Heavy Industries
Unit cost ɫ6,130,000
Produced 2003 - Present
Number built 800
Weight 62.0 Tonnes (68.3 Short Tons; 61.0 Long Tons)
Length 11.00 m (36 ft 1 in) (gun forward)
Width 3.50 m (11 ft 6 in)
Height 2.50 m (8 ft 2 in)
Crew 4 (Commander/Operator, Gunner, Loader, Driver)

Armor Classified
120mm RA Mark VT1 Smoothbore Gun (52 Rounds)
1 x Vitali MG50 (12.7mm; Coaxial)
Engine Crocetto Multi-Fuel Turbine Engine
1,500 hp
Power/weight 27.5 hp/tonne
Transmission Crocetto TMN Mark VI
Suspension High-Hardness-Steel Torsion Bars with Rotary Shock Absorbers
Fuel capacity 1,900 Liters Internal (500 US Gallons)
550 km (340 mi)
Speed 82 km/h (51 mph)

The CT Mark V Tuono is a Cacertian main battle tank currently in service with the Cacertian Royal Army. A competitor to Alenia Industrial's Ariete, the Tuono managed to exceed expectations. Although it was not adopted as the Kingdom's primary modern battle tank due to its expensive cost, it was slated for production and issued to special units for its considerably higher speed. Alongside the Ariete, the Tuono saw first major combat in Arusia during the Triple Continent Conflict.


January of 1999 saw Crocetto approached by the Ministry of Defense to develop a modern battle tank for use by the Royal Army to replace the aging vehicles from the Helarian Wars. In semi-competition with Alenia Industrial, CHI began development of the Tuono, which was planned to be a high-speed well-armored tank to compliment the newer mobile doctrines adopted by the Army's armored and mechanized units. It's prototype was characterized by its advanced design and -- although it was not officially adopted as the Kingdom's main battle tank due to cost -- it was produced on special order for the Army's elite armored battalions.


The Tuono began limited production in 2003 with only several dozen vehicles completed by the end of the year. Following successful all-terrain speed tests, production was increased to match orders made by the Royal Army. Several hundred Tuonos had been completed by 2007 and it entered reduced production by 2010. It is the most expensive tank to be produced in the Kingdom.

Production Figures

A total of 800 units have been produced as of September 2014, all of which are in active service with the Royal Army.


The Tuono's powertrain is made up of a 1,500 horsepower Crocetto multi-fuel gas turbine and a six speed hydro-kinetic automatic transmission. The new Crocetto engine is designed to be powered with a multitude of available fuels which include any grade of gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and even jet fuel. During exercises and combat performance in the Triple Continent Conflict, the gas turbine has been proven to be very reliable and is also characterized by its reduced audible distance.

The primary armament of the Mark V is the Crocetto designed 120mm Mark VT1 smoothbore gun. It is a derivative of the Mark V seen used on the Ariete and is capable of firing a variety of rounds. As the Tuono was designed to engage primarily enemy armored units, it is usually equipped with armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot rounds or high-explosive anti-tank warheads. For anti-infantry purposes, the Tuono can also fire specialized canister catridges. The Mark V is also equipped with a coaxial mounted MG50 HMG in addition to its main cannon.

The Tuono is also equipped with a sophisticated fire-control system that takes user-inputted and system-supplied data to calculate targeting solutions to accurately fire the vehicle's main armament. The three main components of lead angle, ammunition type, and range to target, are determined using a vehicle-mounted laser rangefinder, crosswind sensor, and pendulum static cant sensor.

The Mark V also possesses the most advanced vehicle armor yet produced in the Kingdom. It is covered in a composite armor formed by spacing multiple layers of varying alloys of steel, ceramic, kevlar, and plastic composites. Like other modern Cacertian vehicles, it can also be equipped with reactive armor and nuclear, biological, and chemical protection.

Operational History

Entering service in 2003 in limited numbers, the Tuono was specifically reserved for elite trained armored battalions and veteran units. Vehicle combat exercises proved that the Tuono was capable of outperforming the Ariete when handled properly. It first saw combat during the Triple Continent Conflict and formed the spearhead of the Cacertian counter-offensive, where it proved its efficiency and reliability on the battlefield.

They were later deployed during the New Edomite Succession War where they played a primarily support role; they would later be deployed in the same fashion to Nalaya during its ongoing civil conflict.

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