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Overseas Region
The Port of Troping
The Port of Troping
Flag of Troping
Nickname(s): The Sapphire City
Motto: Entrance to the Asur
CountryAquidneck Aquidneck
Founded byColmazio Pardi
Seat of GovernmentCentral Tower, Troping, Aquidneck
 • GovernorCav. Arturo Silvano
 • President of the CouncilSanto Vacco
Population (2015)
 • Total53,192
Time zoneWest Asuran Time (UTC+1)

Troping is an Overseas Region of the Kingdom of Aquidneck. It is the oldest, closest, and smallest of the Overseas Regions of Aquidneck. Troping is located across the Asur from Aquidneck in North Arabekh and is home to about 53,000 people. The port city of Troping was founded in the early thirteenth century by Aquidish merchants and has remained an important trading port since. It is the only remaining part of the Kingdom of Aquidneck left in Arabekh.


Troping was founded by Aquidish merchants in 1203 as a resting point for traders coming from Asura to Arabekh. Overtime the city grew and the Kingdom of Aquidneck decided to garrison troops their to collect taxes, protect the traders and keep an eye on the strait that allowed access into the Asur.

As Aquidneck's colonial holdings in Arabekh grew Troping was keep a separate and distinct entity from the colonies that surrounded it. Great importance was placed on it due to its strategic location in the Strait. In 1862 the Port of Troping was the site of the explosion if the MM Renato II. Aquidish officials blamed an ethnic Aramas group called the Society for the Liberation of Fátima. Fátima is what the Aramasians call Troping. The incident was used by Aquidneck to invade Aramas and rule it as a colony for the next 100 years. Officials in Troping also used the explosion of the Renato II to exile all ethnic Aramasians from Troping, however after a year this policy was repealed.

In 1874 Eraldo Civello was named Marquis of Troping, Civello and his decedents ruled the region in the name of the King of Aquidneck, as the governors until 1931. The Civello family still holds the title and has some holdings in the region today.

It remains the last part of the kingdoms holdings in Arabekh, a fact that has caused tension with the kingdom's former colony of Aramas. The government of Aramas has laid claim to Troping since it became an independent country in 1960. There was no treaty between the former colony and the colonists and so the issue remains unresolved. In 1971, in response to smuggling by organized crime and attacks by Aramasian nationalists, the government of Aquidneck erected the border fence that remains in place today. The fence is heavily patrolled and has continually been upgraded with more security features. There is only one approved passage way through the fence which is known as, Robles Gate.

In 2010 at the start of the Aramas Civil War a terrorist incident occurred at Robles Gate which resulted in the death of an Aquidish border agent. The Nation of Irsad took responsibility for the attack. Following the attack the gate was upgraded with several new security features such as watch towers, concrete barriers, and pedestrian walkways.

In December of 2017 it was announced that the Troping Garrison would have an additional 50 Aquidish marines stationed. Around a month later the contingent of 150 Shipyæger from Newrey replaced with 150 marines from Cuirpthe.


Like the other Overseas Regions of Aquidneck, Almira and Mayawi, Troping has a separate government that has had powers devolved to it from the Senate in Torden. Troping is also represented in the Senate and elects one Senator. The 7 member Troping Council is elected by popular vote by the residents of Troping. It is made up of councilors from 5 wards and 2 at-large seats. The council elects from among its self a President to chair the council meetings. The current President of the Council is Santo Vacco of the Royalist Party.

The King of Aquidneck appoints a governor on the advice of the government to be his representative in Troping. The Governor plays a largely symbolic role in Troping and has no bearing on the day to day business of the government in Troping. Since 2002 the Governor of Troping has also been the Commander of the Troping Garrison. The Commander of the Troping Garrison is an active Naval Officer who is in charge of the garrison of about 150 marines. The current Governor of Troping and Commander of the Troping Garrison is Arturo Silvano.

The Troping Council is empowered by the Senate with almost all domestic powers. The Kingdom of Aquidneck is responsible for foreign affairs and defense and unlike in other overseas regions, the presence of Aquidish Armed Forces is seen throughout the region. Unlike the other Overseas Regions, Troping does not have a district court of its own. Instead it is under the jurisdiction of the Perino District Court which is located across the Asur in mainland Aquidneck.


Much of Troping's economy is reliant on shipping that is going from the Asur to the Strait of Torroso. Much of the population is employed in the shipping industry or an industry that helps the traders. Cargo ships routinely stop by in the Port of Troping to be inspected, pay customs duties, and declare themselves before going on to mainland Aquidneck. It is usually faster for ships to do this in Troping rather than one of the larger and busier ports in Aquidneck.

There is also a small tourism industry in Troping. The small Colosseum in town routinely hosts cultural and sports events. Charter fishing is also a popular pastime for tourists in Troping.

Unfortunately, Troping has the lowest GDP per capita of all the Administrative Divisions of Aquidneck. Troping has struggled with a stagnant economy for several years as other ports have increased capacity and efficiency in mainland Aquidneck.


Troping has the lowest population of the Overseas Regions of Aquidneck with around 53,192 people living in the region. The population has been decreasing as security concerns and a stagnant economy have plagued the region, many have decided to move into mainland Aquidneck. Of the just over 53,000 people, 60% are White-Asuran, 31% are Northern Arabekhi, 6% are Southern Arabekhi, and 3% of Catain.


The two major religions in Troping are Alydianism and Irsad accounting for over 90% of the population. Alydianism is claimed by 55% of the population, while Irsad accounts for 40%. The remaining 5% is mostly irreligious and Ksaiism. Religious rivalry between Alydianism and Irsad has been a issue for the region since its founding.


The official language of Troping has been Aquidish since the Troping Council passed the Aquidish Language Act in 1982, however it was the long established de facto language of the region long before the passage of the Act. 93% of people claim Aquidish as their first language. Aramasian is spoken by the remaining 7% of the region's people as their first language, however most of them are bilingual.


Troping is a region that is fraught with issues.

Military Presence

The Troping Garrison is made up of about 200 marines and is located in the older part of the city near the port. The marines assist in maintaining border security and making sure the city is safe. They also assist the city's police force when there are large events happening in the city. As a part of Drago Entente operations the Troping Garrison also hosts a contingent of 150 Marines from Cuirpthe. They are involved in watching threats from Aramas and assisting in defending Troping from invasion.

The Royal Police presence in the city is similar to what you would see in a city on the mainland that was about the same size. The RP Coast Guard has a station in Troping and patrols the waterways around the city extensively. In addition to the Coast Guard patrols the Aquidish Navy also patrols the waters around the city.

Aramas opposes the stationing of troops from Asura in Troping, disputes Aquidneck's claim on Troping, and views the troops as an illegal occupation.

Disputed Claims

The Alydian Republic of Aramas has claimed sovereignty over Troping since the nation became independent from Aquidneck in 1960. Aquidneck maintains that Troping was a separate political entity from the Colony of Aramas and was never intended to be granted independence and merged with Aramas.

A referendum on independence and political union with Aramas was conducted in 1972. The result was 12% for independence, 86% against, and 2% unmarked or spoiled ballots. The turnout in the 1972 referendum was 87% of eligible voters. The Aquidish government often points to the 1972 referendum as the proof behind its claim that Troping wants to remain a part of Aquidneck. In more recent times, Aramas has called for another referendum to be held on independence for Troping citing its declining economy and population. The Aquidish goverment has dismissed these calls as "pointless" and Aramas has not called for a vote since the outbreak of the civil war.


Troping is home to one of the tallest flagpoles in Aeia at 160 meters high. It flies a flag that weighs over 250 kilograms and can be seen for miles around. The flagpole was constructed in the 1990s by some wealthy businessmen from the Aquidish mainland as a symbol of Troping forever being a part of the Kingdom of Aquidneck. The flagpole and the land it sits on was then sold to the Troping government for one Lira in 2001.

The flagpole has been the frequent target of terrorist attacks and is guarded night and day due to this fact. A fence has been erected around the land and several powerful spotlights are used to keep the flag lite up at night. Patriotic citizens from across Aquidneck donate money to the Troping government's Aquidish Flag Fund to maintain the upkeep and security of the flagpole, land, and flag.