Triple Threat (Band)

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Triple Threat
Cover to Triple Threat's album Cyclone.
From left to right: Scarlatti, Montella, and Gamberini.
Background information
Origin Cesena, Cacerta
Genres Electronic, Classical Crossover, Dubstep
Instruments Vocals, Violin, Electric Violin, Keyboard, Drums
Years active 2012 – Present
Labels L-Three Records, Lazycat Records
Associated acts The Aozaki Sisters
Alessandra Scarlatti
Rebecca Montella
Cecilia Gamberini

Triple Threat is a Cacertian classical crossover and electronic band that was formed in Cesena in 2012. Created by a trio of music students from the National Unversity of Cacerta, Triple Threat has greatly influenced contemporary views of Cacertian music and has helped to introduce more modern genres to the youth of the Kingdom. The three childhood friends, who all hail from the same neighborhood in Cesena, got the idea of forming their group after traveling to Anzio to see the 2011 concert performed by The Aozaki Sisters.



Daughters of prominent orchestral musicians based in Cesena, the three girls that would eventually form Triple Threat met for the first time upon the completion of dedicated housing for performers of the Cesena Globe Orchestra. Throughout their childhood, Alessandra, Rebecca, and Cecilia aspired to follow in their parents' footsteps and take up music as a profession -- each following their own respective paths: Alessandra focusing on violin, Rebecca on piano, and Cecilia on percussion instruments. Between them, however, they discussed the possibilities of expanding upon their knowledge of classical music and utilizing modern techniques to change their sound. They possessed no full intention of creating a band until 2011.

Encouraged by their instructors in secondary school to experience new sound live, the trio traveled north to Anzio where they attended the 2011 concert of The Aozaki Sisters, their first outside Gylias. The trio enjoyed the experience and were able to meet with the sisters after the concert finished, finding them very friendly and supportive in person; after they mentioned their idea of making music together, the Aozakis encouraged them to do so and promised that if they formed a band, it would be their opening act the next time they played in Cacerta. As a supportive gift, Tōko gave them a copy of Aline Mazurka's The Music of The Sunday Girls, commenting, "They're probably not up your alley, but you might find some things that'll be useful to you in here."

2013: Cyclone

Alessandra, Rebecca, and Cecilia returned to school taking the words of Tōko and Aoko Aozaki to heart and began to work on experimenting with classical crossover. Getting together after school, the three girls began making a name for themselves in their after their graduation from Secondary School by traveling to local bars and wine clubs and playing as live entertainment well into the night. Early in their career they were known as simply "The Trio" and they would not receive their big break until 2012 when a local musical producer attended one of their live performances. Appreciating their experimental approach to classical music utilizing synthesizers and electric instruments, Melchiorre Nencini of L-Three Records approached them to sign for an official record label.

Ecstatic, the three girls began immediately working on their first album which focused on a new approach to classical music centered around Alessandra Scarlatti's violin. Released in February 2013 under their new band name "Triple Threat", Cyclone featured ten electronic crossover songs that were critically received by the Kingdom's younger generations. Triple Threat began their first tour for Cyclone in early April to unexpected popularity. The success of their debut album and the result of their well-received tour made Triple Threat the most popular modern genre band in Cacerta.

2014-Present: Natural Beauty

In conjunction with their 2014 photoshoot and interview with High Society, the girls of Triple Threat released their second album named after the popular Cacertian magazine's tagline: Natural Beauty. The album is considered vastly different to their early work with Cyclone. It features smoother and calmer sounds with what Alessandra described as the "euphoria of making love." The three girls have stated that they will be appearing in the performances of their 2015 international tour in the nude to help illustrate their message in Natural Beauty. Their scheduled appearances in Gylias are to be made alongside their mentor band, The Aozaki Sisters.

Musical Style

The Cacertian musical community describes Triple Threat with a number of genres that primarily focus on new-age electronic music with a basis of classical. Their tendency to remain with their roots as classical music students is considered part of the reason for their ever growing popularity. The classical side appeals to the elder generation of Cacertians whereas their use of electronic instruments and modern approaches captures the eye of the Kingdom's youth.

The members of Triple Threat have gone on to describe their creation process as "long-winded trial and error." Utilizing a basis from which to build upon, the girls go through hours of studio editing and experimenting before coming up with finalized musical pieces. Scarlatti noted that "...we experiment so much because we like to keep things fresh and interesting. Whenever we make music, it's never entirely the same."

The release of Natural Beauty has shed a more mature and restrained light on Triple Threat's approach.


Studio Albums
  • Cyclone (2013)
  • Natural Beauty (2014)
Singles and Extended Play
  • Flying High EP (2013)
  • "Battle On!"/"Roll Out!" (2014) Intro and Outro for the 2014 Cacertian anime Maid Wars.


  • Alessandra Scarlatti (born 7 June 1996): Vocals, violin, electric violin.
  • Rebecca Montella (born 23 March 1996): Vocals, keyboard, piano, synthesizer.
  • Cecilia Gamberini (born 4 October 1997): Vocals, drums, additional percussion.