Trần Liễng Tâm Han

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Đáng Kính Nhất
Gis. Ts.Kh.Nhi

Trần Liễng Tâm Han
18th Prime Minister of Quenmin
Assumed office
7 November 2016
Monarch Lành Chinh
Deputy Lê Thúc Bảo
Preceded by Ngô Sáng Hiếu
General Secretary of the Natechun Party
Assumed office
13 November 2014
Deputy Vĩnh Minh Quan
Preceded by Nguyễn Công Thịnh
38th Governor of Kon Yên
In office
15 September 2009 – 22 October 2014
Deputy Vĩnh Minh Quan
Preceded by Thạch Thịnh Sáng
Succeeded by Ngô Bảo Đính
Member of the Assembly of the Common People for the Cái Nước District of Kon Yên Province
In office
12 June 2012 – 4 July 2015
Serving with Thạch Liễng Hiều
Lạc Hiếu Vỵ Professor of Political Science at the University of Ai Thanh
Assumed office
Preceded by Nguyễn Trúc Nhất
Personal details
Born (1972-11-30) November 30, 1972 (age 44)
Đính Trang, Kon Yên Province, Quenmin
Political party Natechun Party
Other political
Spouse(s) Liễu Thắng Cuòng
Children Liễu Thắng Huệ
Alma mater University of Ai Thanh
Occupation Politician, College Professor
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Prof. Dr. Trần Liễng Tâm Han STL (November 30, 1972) is a Quenminese politician who is currently serving as 18th Prime Minister of Quenmin and the Lạc Hiếu Vỵ Professor of Political Science in her alma mater, the University of Ai Thanh, and who formerly served as the 38th Governor of Kon Yên Province. Known for her benevolent and progressive policies, she was made the candidate of the Natechun Party for the office of Prime Minister.


Tâm Han was born to Trần Liễng Chánh, who was a former Member of Parliament for the Yellow Dragon Party, and Ngô Thị Kiếu, a businesswoman in the Luong Siblings Group.

Political Career

Governor of Kon Yên

Prime Minister

Personal Life