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Thomas of Aquitayne
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King of Aquitayne
Lord of the Northern isles
Lord Commander
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His Majesty the King Thomas of Aquitayne
Biographical Information
Reign 1989 - 2011
Coronation February 12th, 1989
Predecessor Sugard Reich
Heir Prince Samuel Reich
Full Name Thomas Edward Reich
Born 1950
Telora, Aquitayne
Culture Aquitaynian
Father Sugard Reich
Mother Mariah Reich
House House Reich
Queen Queen Lorain Reich
Spouse Queen Lorain Reich of Aquitayne
Issue Samuel Reich
Jacob Reich
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Thomas Reich,UC ( 16 August, 1950 - 29 December, 2011) was the King of Aquitayne. He succeeded to the throne on the 12th of February, 1989, after his father, Sugard Reich, abdicated the throne due to illness in old age. As heir apparent to the throne, he previously bore the title of Prince of the Northern Isles, and had his coronation when he was 49 years old. Thomas Reich quickly became the face of the monarchy throughout the region and was seen as a steady and respected leader. He was narrowly beaten in 1998 for the Astyrian Peace Prize by Lucius Blackhelm, and was never awarded the honor which both his father and son, Samuel Reich, have been awarded. In late 2011, Thomas suffered from a sudden and severe heart attack at his desk, and was found not long after.

Birth and early life

Thomas was born at the Palace of Vernoir in Telora on the 16th of August, 1950. In his infancy, Thomas contracted whooping cough, but was kept in good health afterward. During his youth, Thomas travelled across the nation and reportedly had an affinity for the outdoors. He never attended traditional school, rather, he was taught by a private tutor hired by the monarch to educate the future king in matters of state. Thomas later commented during an interview that, "my education was very different than that of what a normal child in Aquitayne receives. Instead of maths, I learned the constitution. Instead of geometry, I learned foreign affairs."

Indeed, Thomas never formally received a diploma for graduation from primary school, but was admitted to the University of Telora irregardless. There, he spent four years receiving a bachelors in International Affairs, and would, in 1973, join the Royal Marines as a Lieutenant. Thomas served as an infantry officer during his career, and would be deployed in direct engagements such as the ___. Thomas ended his military career in 1985 after 12 years of service to focus on duties of state as the health of his father was rapidly deteriorating. He is still widely seen as a military leader and Head of State, and was widely respected throughout the armed forces.


Thomas was married to Lorain Reich, and with her had two sons: Samuel Reich and Jacob Reich. Thomas was the eldest of two siblings, his younger brother Christian Reich and his younger sister Elizabeth Stonebridge. The family spent much of their time in Telora, at the center of the nation's political and social stage.

Thomas' brother Christian was married to the sister of Thomas' own wife, Lorain Reich. Together they had two children, Timothy and Veronica. Thomas' sister, Marie, married the King of Aswick, Marcus Stonebridge, and currently has four children together. Thomas' second child, Jacob, is currently married to the Empress of Symphonia.

Reign (1989-2011)

South Lorecian War

2011 Embassy crisis

Military service

Dates of rank

Rank Date
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Second lieutenant
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First lieutenant
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Awards and honors

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Naval Cross Marines.png

Order of the Legionnaire.png OtG-Marines.png Gallantry Cross.png

Conspicuous Combat Action Medal.png MSM-Marines.png Purple heart quivalent - wounded.png

AF Combat Action.png National Defense Service.png Foreign Service Medal.png

Aquitaynian military decorations
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Urimanus Cross, First Class with swords (UC) [Enter date of Operation], "in recognition of gallantry in action and disregard for one's own personal safety and life in the defense of their comrades.".
Naval Cross Marines.png Royal Marine Naval Cross [Enter date of Operation], "for outstanding personal sacrifice and leadership during combat. Awarded for gallantry in action and selflessness in the face of mortal danger."
Order of the Legionnaire.png Order of the Legionnaire, Grand Commander 12 February 1989, the Monarch of Aquitayne is always the Grand Commander of the Order of the Legionnaire.
OtG-Marines.png Order of the Griffin 7 October 1990, "in recognition of His Majesty's selfless service to this nation, its people, and his service to the Armed Forces of Aquitayne."
Gallantry Cross.png Gallantry Cross (GC) [Enter date of Operation], "in recognition of gallant action in the Battle of Corvus in leading men and subduing the enemy through superior bravery and willpower.".
Conspicuous Combat Action Medal.png Conspicuous Combat Action Medal [Enter date of Operation], "for bravery in the face of overwhelming odds, and keeping composure in battle to lead his men to victory."
MSM-Marines.png Meritorious Service Medal (Marines) 15 April 1985, "for a long service of sacrifice and dedication to His Majesty's Armed Forces and Royal Marines."
Purple heart quivalent - wounded.png Order of the Most Revered Patriots [Enter date of Operation], "for wounds sustained in combat in Corvus fighting the enemy."
AF Combat Action.png Navy Combat Action Medal With clasp [Conflict]
National Defense Service.png National Defense Service Medal 1973
Foreign Service Medal.png Foreign Service Medal For deployment to [Conflict, year].

Foreign awards