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Tarsan Paganism is the primary religion of the Enlightened Empire of Tarsas and is known to be well over four thousand years old. It it believed that it emerged from a formation of tribal religions of the Latin tribes and further evolved when the tribes made contact with the Helionites. It is currently the practicing religion of a vast majority of the Tarsan population as well as many people around the world.



The Tarsan Pantheon

The Tarsan Pantheon consists of numerous gods and goddesses representing aspects of the environment and every day life. It is a Polytheistic religion consisting of numerous deities. There are three distinctive eras in Tarsan religion; the First Era, Second Era, and Third Era.

First Era

The era of history before the creation of man, characterized by the rule of the three Progenitor Triplets; Hellaes, Gaelia, and Syrellas. This is considered an era of great creation where many of today's gods and goddesses emerged and began to take shape. The First Era ended after Gaelia and Syrellas both fell into a deep sleep and Hellaes disappeared into the abyss of Ashfalan after a significant dispute between the Triplets. The eldest son of Syrellas and Gaelia, Elmentath, arose to fill the power vacuum left behind.

Second Era

The Second Era of history was characterized by the creation of man by Elmentath. He and his siblings shaped and detailed the domains of his missing mother and father and had many children that served as lesser deities. This was a time of great prosperity where human civilization flourished under the rule of a benevolent king. Then, Elmentath met the Princess Elvan. She was the daughter of the most powerful human king of that day. Though initially she responded to his courting of her, she eventually married another human instead and cut him off. In his rage, Elmentath decided to destroy all of humanity. It was only through the rise of his three sons rebelling against him that he was stopped. The war that followed radically changed the earth and its people. Gods shaped individual humans to serve them specifically as soldiers, creating other ethnicities and races. This era ended in Elmentath's defeat.

Third Era

The Third Era of History is the one we are currently in and began around the earliest recorded days of current human history. Today's races and civilizations all came as a result of the war between the gods. Alterion currently rules as king of the gods. As a result of the war, the three brothers (Alterion, Trideon, and Plutos) all cast lots to see who would inherit what. Alterion inherited the sky and as the oldest inherited his father's title as king of the gods. Trideon received the sea and all the bodies of water across the earth. Plutos received the underworld and direct control over the great pit where enemies of the gods are imprisoned.

Major Gods and Goddesses

Syphas- The creator and progenitor of Gaelia (Earth), Hellaes (the abyss), and Syrellas (the sky). They are also known as the three progenitor triplets. Syphas is depicted as a great black skull with fiery red eyes. His mouth is etenrally open, sucking in matter and energy and attempting to consume the universe once again to reclaim what he initially made. It is said that Syphas created the triplets because he ran out of energy to consume but came to regret it and now attempts to return them unto himself. Black holes are said to be extensions of his great black maw, which eternally seeks to consume the universe.
Hellaes- He who inherited the abyss, Hellaes was given the abyss as his domain during the creation by his father Syphas. It is said he is the originator of all things evil. He is the only god from the first era that has not fallen into the great sleep after being overthrown by Elmentath and his brothers.
Gaelia- Mother of the earth. She is considered the inheritor of the earth and received it as her domain during its creation.
Syrellas- Brother of Gaelia. Inherited the sky. She is also the mother of the sky, sea, and earth.
Titanus- First son of Elmentath, shaper of man. He is considered the god of law and order as well as government. The first ruler of the lands of Tarsas as well as the Titanic Dominion all declared that they received a mandate to rule from this god. Emperors, kings, and governors across Scipia for generations have directly taken a mandate to rule from Titanus. It is also said that he passed down the first code of laws many thousands of years ago and that all modern law can be said to have come from Titanus. His role in helping his father create man has been immortalized by the religious order of priests and soldiers that profess to serve him directly.
Alterion- King of the gods in the third era of history. Born of a union between Elmntath and Oceaneon, he overthrew his father and usurped his mantle as king of the gods after Elmentath attempted to destroy the creation he had made. Widely regarded as the savior of man, Alterion is widely honored as one of the primary and most powerful gods. He is married to Litaria.
Oceaneon- Deity of the oceans prior to Trideon in the second era. He was overthrown in the rebellion against Elmentath. Rather than be tossed by Plutos into the realms of Hellaes, he simply disappeared into the deepest depths of the sea.
Trideon- Successor to Oceaneon. He overthrew his mother during the rebellion of Alterion. He is widely honored and regarded as one of the savior's of man.
Plutos- God of death and the underworld. He directly fought and won against Hellaes during the rebellion and won control of the underworld. He currently keeps Hellaes imprisoned in the great pit of Ashfalan.
Areth- God of war, born of Alterion and Litaria. He fought and defeated Daldoth, taking his role as the god of war.
Elmentath- Original king of the gods. Elmentath originally created man and became its chief patron god. He is credited for giving man the wheel and fire which jump started civilization. He ruled benevolently until a very beautiful princess named Elvan shunned his sexual advances. As a result, he became enraged and plotted to destroy his creation in retaliation. His eldest son Alterion rebelled against his rule in retaliation and unseated him from his throne, eternally chaining him to a great black stone in Ashfalan where he rests to this day.

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