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Stridsvagn 111
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Two Strv 111/122Cs on exercise in Jundland as part of Exercise Scorpion (2005)
Type Main battle tank
Place of origin
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Service history
In service 1959 - Present
Used by Estovnia
Production history
Designer SSUF
Designed 1951 - 1958
Manufacturer Skogaverkstad
Produced 1958 - 1977
Number built 900 + (not including exports)
Variants See variants
Weight 42.2 tonnes
Length 7.8 m (hull)
10.3 m (including gun)
Width 3.4 m
Height 2.5 m
Passengers 3 (commander, gunner, driver)

Armor Glass-reinforced plastic sandwiched between layers of steel
Third generation composite armor (Steel composite blend), modular armor packages, optional (N)ERA
Haggslund 115mm m/52 smoothbore tank gun
Haggslund 120mm m/81
2 x 6.5x55mm Ksp m/34D
Engine Volvo E-48 V-12 diesel
Volvo E-75 V-12 turbocharged multi-fuel diesel engine (D model and later)
520 kW
1,300 kW
Transmission Automatic (4 forward, 2 reverse)
Suspension Magic suspension
Ground clearance 0.4 m
Fuel capacity 850 L
350 km
Speed On-road: 55 km/h
Off-road: 32 km/h

The Strv 111 (Estovnian: Stridsvagn 111) is a second-genertion main battle tank design and fielded by the Estovnian Army. The tank is the successor to the Strv. 71/81 series, which when compared the Strv 111 is well-armored, well-armed, and highly mobile. The Strv 111 is the first Estovnian tank to feature composite armor for protection. Despite this advance, the vehicle lacked an autoloader until the 1960s with the introduction of the Strv 111/121A. The Strv 111 was designed as a replacement for all light, medium, and heavy tanks within service at the time, under the newly developed "main battle tank" concept. Under this concept, the main battle tank (MBT) was envisioned to be a "jack of all trades," capable of fulfilling all the roles expected of the light, medium, and heavy tanks.

Since the tank's introduction in 1959, several upgrades have taken place including the baseline Strv 111 introduced in 1959, the Strv 111B introduced in 1964, Strv 111/121A introduced in 1969, the Strv 111/121B introduced in 1984, and the current Strv 111/121C introduced in 1999. As of 2011, the Estovnian Army maintains roughly 400 Strv 111/121 series tanks.





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