Straits of Jajich

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Straits of Jajich
Straits of Jajich.png
Basin countriesTrellin

The Straits of Jajich are the passage between the Trellinese provinces of Alyrum and Idisamo in the north and Jajich in the south. The straits connect the largely-inland Sea of Velar with the Sea of Jajich, the point at which they traditionally meet being 110 kilometres across. The traditional and official definitions of the straits' extent are set at four points: the southwest corner of Alyrum, the southernmost point of Idisamo, the southeast corner of Jajich and the northernmost point of mainland Jajich. The mean surface area contained within this quadrangle is roughly 49,250 square kilometres.

The straits are known for their often-turbulent waters, as the sun-heated mass of the Sea of Velar attempts to flow into the ocean and the Sea of Jajich flows back in to replace Velaran waters lost to evaporation. The uneven and relatively shallow seafloor of the straits has contributed to the volatile currents which, historically, acted as a barrier to sea trade in and out of the Sea of Velar. The straits' official boundaries date to a period where activity on either side of the straits was bound by treaty between Hysera and Trellin.