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Steorrna Commonwealth
Steorrna cynewíse
Flag Lesser Coat of Arms
and largest city
Official languages Steorrnatunge
Demonym Steorrna
Government Unitary parliamentary republic
 -  Héaþegen Milþrýð Blíðheort
Legislature Miċelþing
 -  Upper house Witenaġemót
 -  Lower house Eallfolcþing
 -  Landing February 9th, 1018 
 -  Alydian Mission April 17th, 1342 
 -  April Revolution April 22nd, 1664 
 -  2018 estimate 5,600,000
 -  census 5,517,887
 -  Density 2017/km2
5,224/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2018 estimate
 -  Total $255.976 billion
 -  Per capita $46,342
GDP (nominal) 2018 estimate
 -  Total $289.557 billion
 -  Per capita $52,422
Gini (2018)25.6
HDI (2018)0.924
very high
Currency Þegengyld (SNG)
Time zone Central Asuran Time (UTC+1)
Date format dd/mm/yyyy
Drives on the left
Calling code +64
Internet TLD .st

Steorrnaland (Steorrna pronunciation: ['steorˠ:nɑlɑnd]) , officially the Steorrna Commonwealth (Steorrnatunge: Steorrna cynewíse), also called Ytemestness and Ytemestland, is a sovereign state in Asura. Steorrnaland is a unitary state, that takes place in the hybrid framework of a semi-parliamentary democracy and semi-direct democracy. Steorrnaland is situated in the mouth of the Gulf of Alemannia in Northern Asura Asura, and completely occupies the Ytemest Isle. Steorrnaland shares maritime borders with Glanodel, Aleia and Tyronova. The capital of Steorrnaland is Haliġhæfen, an almost completely intact medieval city. The population of Steorrnaland is 5,517,887. The majority of the population lives in rural areas in the southern and eastern regions of the country, a significant portion lives in and around the capital.

Steorrnaland was one of the last areas to be settled in Asura, and until the early 19th Century was one of the least populated territories in the continent. Primary settlement occurred in 1018 with the arrival of Sestecanian refugees fleeing the crusade in Newrey. Influenced by the Alemannic tradition of governing assemblies, or þing, the settlers established a non-executive republic that lasted until the proclamation of the Kingdom of Steorrnaland in 1343. The republican form of government was restored in the aftermath of the Steorrna Reformation and the April Revolution in 1664 and solidified following a Steorrna victory in the War of the Summer Coalition. Throughout the Middle Ages Steorrnaland aligned itself with the in Anti-Sadamic League, serving as a vital point of operations for the League.

Steorrnaland has an advanced market economy. The Steorrna social model provides free universal healthcare, free tertiary education, an strong social safety net, and encourages the unionisation of most workers. Steorrnaland is a stable country that ranks high in equality, happiness, and quality of life. Steorrnaland has one of the highest rates of green energy usage in Aeia. The country aims to completely phase out the use of unsustainable energy by 2025, followed by the phasing out of fossi-fuel powered vehicles in 2030. The Steorrna economy is based in banking, tourism, raw material extraction, agriculture, technology and manufacturing.