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Tyr Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Place of origin
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Service history
In service 2000-present
Used by
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Confederate Brytisc Fleet
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Production history
Manufacturer Wernham-Hogg
Unit cost $352,102
Produced 2000-present
Number built 772 units
Weight 7.8 tonnes
Length 4.9m
Width 2.2m
Height 2.1m
Crew 3
Passengers 4-6

Armor Alloy Aluminium + Select Composite
1x 30mm autocannon
1x 7.62mm chain gun
Engine Wernham-Hogg V8 diesel
700 kW
Suspension Hydropneumatic
Ground clearance 0.35m
644km on road, 325km off road
Speed 88km/h on road, 61km/h off road

The Tyr IFV is an infantry fighting vehicle used primarily by the Confederate Brytisc Fleet. Designed and manufactured by Wernham-Hogg, the Tyr is widely available for export. The Tyr was designed to provide troop mobility and scouting support whilst retaining moderate firepower.

The Tyr mounts a 30mm autocannon and is equipped with an auto-loader, reducing crew requirements and ensuring a firing rate of up to eighty rounds per minute. A 7.62mm chaingun provides supplementary firepower. The Tyr carries a powerful onboard digital computer system and a full visibility suite, offering 360° degree vision and a suite of thermal and night-vision systems. Also equipped are smoke grenade launchers built into the turret, and incoming missile detection systems. All equipment is electronically stabilized, and observation and sighting systems come with laser rangefinders, day-night cameras and third generation thermal imaging.

The Tyr is also built for stealth, and whilst it is difficult to hide an IFV the Tyr has cooling exhaust system, a thermal masking system, and air conditioning filters which allow it to operate in CBRN environments. A BV (boiling vessel) is included to improve survivability. The Tyr can carry up to six passengers.

Several variants of the Tyr are available, including mobile command centers and an SAM/SSM platform variant. The majority of these are amphibious, and are light enough to be carried aboard military transport aircraft.

Foreign operators

The Vedrian Army placed an order for 250 Tyr IFV's in 2015, including 21 command models, 56 SAM/SSM models and 173 standard models. The contract was fulfilled by July 2015.