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Sport in Cacerta has a long tradition with its roots primarily in acrobatic sports. While Cacerta has a strong tradition in national sports, their specialty and unique flavor has resulted in the nation having a relatively small international athletic presents. Figure skating and gymnastics are the most popular sports in Cacerta with the largest recorded annual attendance. Martial arts and erotic sports also possess considerable followings, making them the next most popular sports by attendance -- however possess higher numbers of competitive athletes. Alongside the aforementioned practices, Cacerta also has national associations for football, rugby, aquatic sports, and volleyball.

Most Popular Sports

Figure Skating

Figure skating is the most popular sport in Cacerta, is one of the country’s national sports, and is considered the pinnacle nation in Tyran regarding its practice and discipline. It is the most watched and attended sport in the nation, with countless millions of spectators annually and accounts for the most sports events throughout the nation. Figure skating, alongside gymnastics, is the focus for Cacerta’s largest sporting event in the National Acrobatic Sports Championships. Cacerta’s primary international figure skating competitors are in its neighbor of Gylias and its allies of New Edom and Volmstadt.


Gymnastics share the same level of popularity as figure skating and maintains the national co-prestige as one of Cacerta’s two declared national sports. It is one of the most spectated sports in Cacerta and its national competitions are often hosted in tandem with other acrobatic events. Cacertian gymnasts have consistently placed in international competitions and the Kingdom maintains close ties in gymnastics to Gylias, the Northeastern Nations, and Volmstadt.

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Riika Vanhanen, a Cacertian sword-fighter, prepares for her next fight during the 2015 Sarissita Regional Championships.

Martial Arts

Martial arts makes up the third largest sport in Cacerta and owes its popularity to the skill and dedication required in its practice. Martial artists in Cacerta are a highly respected group of athletes with many professional fighters having dedicated their lives to their specific combat form. Although it is technically less popular than figure skating or gymnastics by numbers, the difference in attendance can be considered very marginal. Cacerta shares bilateral martial arts competitions with the Belisarian nations of Gylias and Shalum.

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Verdiana Fasciano, a Cacertian erotic wrestler, calls for a timeout.

Erotic Sports

Erotic sports have been a main part of Cacertian culture for centuries, but has never received recognition as an official sport until recent decades. The National Erotic Sports Association was founded in 1980 and is the primary governing body for erotic athletics throughout the nation. Some of the popular events in erotic sports include erotic wrestling, sexual endurance tests, multiple partner competitions, and arousal competitions. Due to the advanced sexual nature of erotic sports, there exists little following for them outside of Cacerta although bilateral events exist in exchange with Volmstadt.

Other Sports


Football maintains a strong following in Cacerta and is the largest team sport following volleyball. The influence of fellow Tyranian nations in which football is a significantly more popular sport has resulted in its significant growth within the country. Cacerta now maintains close athletic ties to other nations in regards to events for football with a number of competitive Cacertian players participating as members of the Schottic Premier League. Some of Cacerta’s primary international competitors include Gylias, New Edom, Schottia, and Shalum.


Volleyball is organized by the Cacertian Volleyball League and is played as a lightly competitive sport. It is mostly practiced by amateur players throughout primary and secondary school with much of the competitive environment seated in matches between rival universities. While every Cacertian city does possess a competitive volleyball team, organized events primarily focus on the facets of friendships and companionship fostered through the tradition of sports.

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Team members of Anzio’s Panzer Fahren battalion manning an imported Stadtean Hi-Mark MBT.

Combat Sports

Made popular through the competition between the nation’s military academies, competitive airsoft and war games have been gaining ground as major sports of Cacertian culture. Given some of the dangers involved in large-scale war games, however, they are often not spectated live and are instead heavily televised and streamed. Cacerta shares airsoft and wargaming ties with the Northeastern Nations and North Arusia.


The Cacertian National Rugby Union enjoys a good level of popularity throughout the nation, especially in the southern provinces of Apullia and Abruzzo. Cacerta’s Union can trace its birth in the nation to the small towns in the southern islands and was officially started in the early 20th century with the first official game taking place some time in 1909. Although rugby has roots in Cacertian history, much of its growing popularity can be attributed to influences from Schottia and neighboring Gylias with which Cacerta shares events and competitions.

Winter Sports

Winter sports maintains a decent following in the Kingdom -- with the exclusion of figure skating -- and is mainly practiced in the region of Campanio, Cacerta’s territory in the Triple Continents. Alpine skiing and cross-country skiing are popular non-competitive sports practiced by non-professional athletes throughout Cacerta -- many Cacertians travel to Volmstadt and Campanio during the summer months to ski in the Helarian Mountain Range. Other popular winter sports include bobsledding, ice hockey, and luge.

Aquatic Sports

Aquatic sports are commonly practiced throughout Cacerta and -- much like winter sports -- have a very large non-professional following. Competitively, Cacerta participates in events for swimming, synchronized swimming, diving, free-diving, sailing, rowing, boat racing, water skiing, surfing, and water polo.

Equestrian Sports

Of the athletics in Cacerta, Equestrian sports is considered to be the least popular, yet its impact on modern Cacertian culture is considered to be significant. There are a number of national and international events annual with specific focus on horse racing, equestrian vaulting, and polo. Cacerta and New Edom frequently share competitive equestrian sports events.

Cacerta and International Associations

Cacerta’s National Football League is a member of the Union of Tyranian Football Associations. Cacerta hosted the 1968 UTFA Tyran Cup, won in 1972 and 2002, and placed as runner-up in 1978 and 2000. Cacertian teams also managed placing in the top four during the interwar period in 1950 and 1956.