Southern Namor

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Southern Namor
Location of Southern Namor District in Namor
Location of Southern Namor District in Namor
Country  Namor
Capital Sicho
 • Premier Zang Chenhoi (ND)
 • Total 235,486,284
 • Rank 1st in Namor
Time zone ST +6
 • Summer (DST) observed (UTC)
Area code(s) 07

Southern Namor (Нанан tr. Nanan) is a district situated in the southern Namorese seaboard, bordering Minjian in the southwest, Xhipei in the west, West Namor and West Nozama in the northwest, East Nozama and East Namor in the northeast, and the East Namor Sea in the south. The capital region of Namo, while completely surrounded by Southern Namor, is an exclave of its own and not administered by Southern Namor.

With a population of 235 million (25% of the national population), Southern Namor is the most populated administrative division in Namor. It is home to three of Namor's ten largest cities by population - Sicho, Huancho and Esquarian City. It is also home to most of the Nozama River Delta, one of the most populated metropolitan regions in Esquarium.