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Area TBA
Population 1,806,365,240
Density TBA
Countries and territories  Aleia
 Jahistic Union
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Nominal GDP TBA
GDP per capita TBA
Time zones ST +3:00 - +7:00
Capital cities Aleia Oralienborg
Bohemia Vyšehrad
Britanno Candover
Chorea Olachoo
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Geadland Da Hegner
Unolia Unolia City
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Katranjiev Krasimir
Luziyca Bethlehem
Namor Namo
Razaria Čirograd
Riro Junof
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Roubao City
Vyvland Lorence

Velkia is a continent in the northern hemisphere of Esquarium. It shares a land border with Borea and is adjacent to the Haddock Sea, East Namor Sea, Northern Sea, and Hyperborean Ocean.

A cradle of civilization, Velkia has boasted some of Esquarium's earliest complex human civilizations. It is the birthplace of two of Esquarium's major religions - Christianity and Txoism; the latter is the largest religion.

With a population of over 1.8 billion people, Velkia is the most populous continent in Esquarium.


Velkia is commonly divided into two major regions: the Occident, the western part of the continent, and the Orient, the eastern part. The two regions are culturally distinct: the Occident is heavily influenced by Judeo-Christian beliefs and its population is predominantly white, whereas the Orient is predominantly Monic. The exact borders of both regions are not clearly defined and there are significant overlaps between the two in the central part of the continent.