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A painting of Songte from the Xo era
Emperor of the Universe
Transliterations 嵩帝 (Tzihan)
Сонгте (Tzishin)
Religion Namorese folk religion (Txoism)
Children Nushen
Weapon Jenjinten
Consort Vangmu
Height 13 chi (4.33 m)

Songte (嵩帝, Сонгте) is a god in Namorese folk religion (Txoism). Considered the ruler of the current universe and the deity of deities, Songte is a central figure in Namorese mythology.

Born in the preceding universe, Songte was an extremely talented scholar and warrior. He entered a relationship with Vangmu, the daughter of the universal ruler Taiyi. Taiyi initially promised to allow Songte to marry Vangmu, but went back on his word after hearing from soothsayers that Songte would someday kill him. Angrily, Songte initiated a rebellion against Taiyi, sparking a colossal war which ended in the death of Taiyi and his allies. After defeating Taiyi, Songte founded a new universe.

Due to his background, Songte is the most worshiped figure among Txoists, regardless of sect. At present, it is believed that Songte is near the end of his reign, with several thousands of years remaining until he dies. A period of colossal chaos will occur following his death and result in a cleansing of the universe by its next ruler.


War with Taiyi

During his time in Taiyi's palace, Songte met Princess Vangmu, daughter of Taiyi. The two fell in love; before long, they appeared before Taiyi and asked to marry each other. Taiyi viewed Songte as the perfect consort and readily agreed to let him marry his daughter.

News of the marriage spread quickly across the universe. But just as preparations for the wedding were underway, an old soothsayer paid a visit to Taiyi's palace and informed the ruler of his coming death, identifying Songte as his murderer. Shocked by this revelation, Taiyi reversed his decision to allow Songte and Vangmu to marry - he banished Songte to a dark cave in the peripheries of the universe and concealed Vangmu in his palace.

Angered by Taiyi's actions, Songte vowed to avenge his humiliation. But he stopped short of immediately entering battle because he understood that he was not strong enough to wage war. Thus, he concealed himself in the cave to which he was banished and meditated for a million years. As he meditated, Songte acquired many primordial powers; by the time he emerged from the cave, his strength rivaled that of Taiyi's.

With the help of other gods who sympathized with him, Songte raised an army and marched towards Taiyi's palace, and a colossal war began. Songte and Taiyi engaged in combat as their subordinate gods fought each other below. The fighting was so intense that much of the universe was destroyed.