Socialist Party (Seketan)

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Socialist Party of Seketan
Sošyça ynden
Leader Eris Kellisyen
President James Nedrjen
Founded March 23, 1970 (1970-03-23)
Merger of Farmer Labour Party
Seketese Left Party
Headquarters Conelibek, Seketan
Youth wing Youth Socialists
Membership  (2015) 210,332
Ideology Social Democracy
Political position Centre-Left
Official colors Dark Green
137 / 293

The Socialist Party (Seketese: Sošyça ynden) is the current dominant political party in Seketan. The political party is left on the political spectrum. The leader Eris Kellisyen is the current Prime Minister of Seketan.

The party was established in 1970 through a merger of the Farmer Labour Party and Left Party.