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The Most Serene Republic of Siclona
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Motto: "Salus populi suprema lex esto"
Anthem: "The Courageous Gaurdians"
Official languages Siclonan
Ethnic groups Siclonan (73%)
Borkan (12%)
Gurdn (12%)
Kellian (2%)
Dhenian (.7%)
Sabovian (.3%)
Demonym Siclonan
Government Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic
 -  Serene Leader of the Republic Katerina Audet
 -  President of the Provincial Congregation Addison Gomez
 -  Speaker of the Assembly Bradley Scott
Legislature Parliament
 -  Upper house Provincial Congregation
 -  Lower house National Assembly
 -  Total 18,840,000 km2 (2nd in region)
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 -  estimate 192,510,766 (2nd in region)
GDP (PPP) 2033 estimate
 -  Total $8.834 Trillion (2nd in region)
 -  Per capita $45,890.72 (2nd in region)
GDP (nominal) 2020 estimate
 -  Total $7.734 Trillion (2nd in region)
 -  Per capita $40,172.74 (2nd in region)
HDI 0.801
very high · 1st in region
Currency Crown
Date format
Drives on the right
Calling code +813
ISO 3166 code SR
Internet TLD .srs
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Siclona (Siclona: [sis-lōna]), officially the Most Serene Republic of Siclona, is a sovereign and unitary state, comprising territory in the southwest of Verdien. Siclona's territory extends from the Angreydor coast in the west to the Athaursian Mountains in the east. Siclona shares land borders with Borkhin and the Commonwealth of Athaurus, a protectorate of Siclona. It is a unitary presidential republic with a bicameral legislature. The capital city is Edrona, the nation's largest and only Federal city.


Ancient Period


Pre Formation Period

Prior to the creation of the Kingdom of Siclona, small duchies and city-states occupied the territories constituting south-western Verdien. The most prominent of these duchies and city-states was the Grand Duchy of Edrona, located in what is now Siclona's capital province. Other prominent countries include: the Foellan Republic, the Principality of Segliano, and the Kingdom of Athaurus. Relations between the nations were split right through the middle of the map, the northern nations being in friendly relation with each other, and, in turn, the southern countries being in friendly relation to each other; the Kingdom of Athaurus was the only true neutral nation in the region. Athaursian neutrality lasted nearly 1000 years after the formation of the Siclonan Republic.

In the year 540, the northern nations of the Grand Duchy of Edrona, the Foellan Republic, and the Duchies of Agrigento and Catania entered a military alliance and free trade agreement, binding the economies and militaries of the nations. Within a few months, the leaders of the nation's agreed to bind their governments under one monarch. This act lead to the creation of the United Kingdom of Siclona; this act solidified the nation's power in the region, which lead to its inevitable expansion southward.

The people of the United Kingdom continued to prosper, being enriched by a continuous flow of trade and ideas entered the nation's ports. In the year 677, such prosperity influenced the reigning king, (NAME), to move the focus of his armies south. On May 3, 677, Siclonan armies invaded the Principality of Segliano, occupying the northwest of the country in just two months. The Principality's armies, who were caught unprepared for an attack, were stationed in and around the nation's capital, (NAME), in wake of unrest and riots.

Formation Period


Early Modern Period

Mid Modern Period

Modern Period





Foriegn Policy

Siclona, the founding nation of the UCCN, leads the peace-keeping democratic coalition of nations across Verdien. While its allies include several monarchies, such as Kellia, Sabovia, and Sparatrea, Siclona and its citizenry pride themselves on the ideals of democracy and their enjoyed political freedoms. Through this, the Siclonan central government encourages and enforces the aspects of democracy and personal rights on worldwide scale. Rising tensions with Hollinsgurd has strained Siclona's foreign policy, but has not crippled it.

Domestic Policy



President Katerina Audet

Economic Stability

Decreased Unemployment

Diplomatic and Foriegn Affairs

Siclonan Hollinsgurd War

2030 Presidential Election


Religion in Siclona
New Trinitarianism
Other Religions