Seketese people

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Seketese people
Flag of Seketan.svg
The flag of Seketan
Total population
7-8 million
Regions with significant populations
Seketan 6.3 million
United States
(Seketese ancestry)
New Svealand 441,278
Alquiya 318,274
Lormotia 82,000
(Seketese ancestry)
United Kingdom 34,000
Iceland 12,000

Seketese and other languages (WilskFjeskanAlquiyanEnglishIcelandic)

Seketese people or Sekens are an ethnic group and nation native to Seketan that speak one of the languages of Seketan, predominately Seketese. Seketese nationals refers to Wilsks and Fjeskans who consider themselves Seketese by nationality but not by ethnicity.