Seketese legislative election, 2018

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2018 Seketese Legislative Election
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293 in the Hérvynsken
147 seats needed for a majority

  Majority party Minority party Third party
  Eris KellesyenMP.jpg Matthew Hjeson.jpeg Anglia Khihen.png
Leader Eris Kellisyen Matthew Hjeson Anglia Jeso
Party Socialists National Conservative Liberal Democrats
Leader since 14 May 2014 July 26, 2017 1 March 2010
Leader's seat Conelibek-University North Gyenor Winneston North
Last election 121 77 43
Seats won 137 59 57
Seat change 22Increase 16Decrease 14Increase
Percentage 37.5% 21.1% 20.7%
Swing 5.3%Increase 6.8%Decrease 6.2%Increase

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
  Gvozden Flego 21032013 Hrvatski institut za povijest roberta f.jpg 120x120px Trejjen Lo.jpeg
Leader Anjer Poihl Unjin Herlli Trejjen Lo
Party Wilsk Party Green Party Labour Party
Leader since 23 September 2017 13 June 2010 June 11, 2017
Leader's seat Outer Fyedor (Lost re-election) Ellinesa PR Rynni City (Lost re-election)
Last election 14 5 33
Seats won 21 9 6
Seat change 7Increase 4Increase 17Decrease
Percentage 1.6% 7.9% 4.1%
Swing 1.6%Increase 3.0%Increase 12.6%Decrease

  Seventh party Eighth party
  Eve Fjedor.jpeg
Leader Eve Fjedor Fyedor Rener
Party Reformed Workers Party of Seketan
Leader since August 6, 2017 12 March 2012
Leader's seat Greater Djenibek (Lost re-election) Gyenor PR
Last election 15 0
Seats won 3 1
Seat change 12Decrease 1Increase
Percentage 3.7% 1.5%
Swing 3.7Increase 1.3%Increase

Seketese Electon 2018.png

Prime Minister before election

Eris Kellisyen
National Conservative Party

Prime Minister


The 2018 Seketese Legislative Election is due to held on March 3rd 2018. On October 19th 2017, Eris Kellisyen announced that he would be dissolving the Hérvynsken in February so that the election could be held before with the 2018 Wilskland Independence Referendum. This is the shortest parliament in Seketese history, lasting under a year from when it first convened.


2017 Legislative Election

After the 2017 election, the Socialist Party formed government with the Liberal Democrats, defeating the incumbent National Conservative government lead by Thomas Serdoa. The election saw the highest support for the Labour and the Wilsk National Party reach an all time high due to the popularity of their leaders. The election was seen as a shock to many pundits, as most thought that the National Conservatives would be re-elected, albeit with a reduced seat count.

After the election, the leader of the National Conservatives and former Prime Minister Thomas Serdoa resigned as leader after losing the election. It was thought that this would be the only party leader to resign, as all the other parties made gains (except the Liberal Democrats, who lost 3 seats). However, a few days after the election, the popular leader of the Labour Party Jeansen Hojier released a statement notifying the party that he intended to leave after being diagnosed with cancer. This triggered a leadership election in both parties, leading to Matthew Hjeson being elected leader of the National Conservatives and the first Trjebian party leader, Trejjen Lo being chosen as the leader of the Labour Party.

Wilskland Legislative Election and Referendum

In 2017, the Wilsk people went to the polls to elect their 6th Legislative Assembly. It resulted in its first majority government, with the separatist Wilsk Party winning 50 out of the 87 seats up for election. Their first action was passing the Wilsk Self-Determination Act, initiating an independence referendum set for January 11, 2018. After the bill passed the Hérvynsken it was signed by the President causing the Kellisyen to call the early election.


Trjebian Language Rights

Seketan has a large minority of Tjrbian speakers, largely in Bynan. As part of the Seketese Language Act of 1998, minority language groups with speaker over 100,000 can be given public funds for specific schools and can be used in official government affairs, however these rights were never given to Trjebians because at the time they were not a large minority. In July of 2017, there were large protests in the Bynan region of Joghen, where there is a majority of Tjebian speakers over these lack of rights, which prompted the government to investigate possible solutions. However, the government dissolved before any bill could be introduced.

The Greens, Labour and Socialists said that they would extend these rights to Trjebians, signing a joint agreement promising that they would work together to give Trebs rights.. The Liberal Democrats said that they would a local Bynan plebiscite on the issue, and the National Conservatives and Wilsk Nationals have not released any platform on the issue yet.

SekOil Ownership

In 1988, oil was found in the northern tundra regions of Giorgi-Alesk and Ellinesa. The 1988 election was largely fought over the issue of ownership of these oil fields, with the Socialists winning the election and creating SekOil as a publicly owned company to extract, refine and export the oil in the area. However in recent years with oil prices slipping there have been calls to privatize the company to save money.

Most parties on the left, such as Labour, RWP and the Greens all want to keep the company as a public corporation, siting corruption and environmental concerns. The Socialist want to privatize off parts of but keep the profits for the government. The Liberal Democrats said they would slowly move it towards more privatization over the course of 6 years, and the National Conservatives said they would privatize it in the first 100 days in office

Opinion Polling

Polling 12-7-2017.PNG


Summary of Results

Summary of Seketese election results, 2017
Parties Votes % Seats +/- District Seats +/- Proportional Seats +/-
Sek socialists.png Socialist Party 1,269,402 37.5%
137 / 293
100 / 193
37 / 100
Sek tory.png National Conservative 714,557 21.1%
59 / 293
37 / 193
22 / 100
Sek lib dem.png Liberal Democrats 700,114 20.7%
57 / 293
36 / 193
21 / 100
Sek wilsk party.png Wilsk Party 106,197 3.1%
21 / 293
0 / 193
3 / 100
Sek greens.png Green Party 268,071 7.9%
9 / 293
0 / 193
9 / 100
Sek Labour.png Labour Party 139,654 4.1%
6 / 293
2 / 193
13 Decrease
4 / 100
Workers party.pngReformed Workers 125,717 3.7%
3 / 293
0 / 193
3 / 100
Total 6,503,443 100% 293 193 100