Seketese legislative election, 2017

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2017 Seketese Legislative Election
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293 in the Hérvynsken
147 seats needed for a majority

  Majority party Minority party Third party
  Eris KellesyenMP.jpg Thomas Serdoa.jpeg Anglia Khihen.png
Leader Eris Kellisyen Thomas Serdoa Anglia Jeso
Party Socialists National Conservative Liberal Democrats
Leader since 14 May 2014 22 December 2011 1 March 2010
Leader's seat Conelibek-University Fyedor South Winneston North
Last election 87 114 46
Seats won 121 77 43
Seat change Increase34 Decrease37 Decrease3
Popular vote 2,144,352 1,857,578 964,405
Percentage 32.2% 27.9% 14.5%
Swing Increase 3.6pp Decrease 2.4pp Decrease 0.9pp

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
  Jeansen Hojier.jpeg Gvozden Flego 21032013 Hrvatski institut za povijest roberta f.jpg Giannis Drivelengas.JPG
Leader Jeansen Hojier Joih Pjera Unjin Herlli
Party Labour Party Wilsk Party Green Party
Leader since 11 April 2005 9 September 2000 13 June 2010
Leader's seat Bynan PR Outer Fyedor Ellinesa PR
Last election 30 12 4
Seats won 33 14 5
Seat change Increase3 Increase2 Increase 1
Popular vote 1,110,073 100,107 323,506
Percentage 16.7% 1.5% 4.9%
Swing Increase 0.6pp Decrease0.8pp Increase0.1pp

Seketese Electon 2017.png

Prime Minister before election

Thomas Serdoa
National Conservative Party

Prime Minister

Eris Kellisyen

The 2017 Seketese election was held on March 21, 2017 to elect all 293 members of the Commons Council and the next Prime Minister; 193 from FPTP district and 100 from proportional lists from each of the provinces. The election saw the Socialist Party and its leader Eris Kellisyen defeat the incumbent Prime Minister Thomas Serdoa and his National Conservative Party, forming a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats.


The outgoing council, led by Thomas Serdoa, had been in government for 4 years and was very unpopular going into the election due to their poor response to the Banking Crisis that hit the country in 2014, as well as a scandal that rocked the government after some of the nation's biggest companies paid certain MPs in the party in exchange for voting for or against certain motions that were introduced.

2013 Legislative Election

In the 2013 Election the National Conservatives formed a minority government with 102 seats, but never were able to form a coalition with any other parties. This was an increased seat count from the year before, but still one of the closest elections in decades.

After the election, the leaders of the Liberal Democrats and Socialists resigned. Replacing the outgoing leaders were Anglia Jeso and Eris Kellisyen respectively.

2015 Presidential Election

The 2015 Seketese Presidential election saw Socialist candidate Fyedor Alesk win, beating independent candidate Grace Reill and Liberal Democrats Jurgi Sechi.

Political Parties

  • Socialist Party. The main centre-left party, generally in support of Social Democratic principals. Before 2013, they had last won the 2001, under Alyeks Jefimov after three goverenments. They were lead by Eris Kellisyen, Jefimov's former Treasury Minister.
  • National Conservatives. The main centre-right party. They generally support economically liberal policies, however there tends to many factions with regards to it's social policies.
  • Liberal Democrats. A centrist party, historically been the king maker in the Council, having been the junior party in coalitions 6 times.
  • Labour Party. A left wing party, supports labour unions and more left wing policies. Has former ties to Socialist Seketan


The official campaign started on January 13, 2017.


Seketese Heath Care Act

One of the major issues fought over during this campaign was the Seketese Health Care act, passed in 1998 which expanded the universal health care provided by the state to all people on Seketese soil, and the subsequent amendments made by the then governing National Conservatives. In the last parliament, the incumbent National Conservatives attempted to amend the law that would force all immigrants and tourists to have to purchase their universal health coverage from the government rather than just be given it for free. It was met with sharp criticism in the Council, and was blocked until the writs for an election were dropped. The Socialist, Labour and Greens campaigned that they wouldn't allow such a "harsh xenophobic law" to pass through, while the National Conservatives and Liberal Democrats said they would pass this amendment, however the Liberal Democrats also promised to subsidies this health coverage, making it cheaper. The Wilsk National Party stated that they would introduce this policy in the Wilsk provence only.

European Union

One of the minor issues during the campaign was whether or not Seketan should join the EU or not. The Socialist, National Conservatives and Labour both stated that it would be completely off the table, signing a pact together to block any legislation that pertained to Seketan joining the EU. The Liberal Democrats had stated that they would entertain the motion if it was presented in parliament, however never released an official statement on the issue, while the Greens and Wilsk National Party said they are in favour of Seketan joining the EU or EEA.

Equality Rights

Opinion Polls

Graphical Summary



Summary of Results

Summary of Seketese election results, 2017
Parties Votes % Seats +/- District Seats +/- Proportional Seats +/-
Sek socialists.png Socialist Party 2,144,352 32.2%
120 / 293
88 / 193
32 / 100
Sek tory.png National Conservative 1,857,578 27.9%
77 / 293
49 / 193
28 / 100
Sek lib dem.png Liberal Democrats 964,405 14.5%
43 / 293
29 / 193
Decrease 1
14 / 100
Sek Labour.png Labour Party 1,110,073 16.7%
33 / 293
15 / 193
18 / 100
Increase 2
Sek wilsk party.png Wilsk Party 100.107 1.5%
14 / 293
12 / 193
2 / 100
Steady 0
Sek greens.png Green Party 323,506 4.9%
5 / 293
0 / 193
5 / 100
Increase 1
Total 6,503,443 100% 293 193 100