Santiago Anti-Communist Treaty Organisation

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Santiago Anti-Communist Treaty Organisation (SACTO)
Motto: "SACTO Invictus"
HeadquartersSantiago, Gran Cuscatlan
Official languages English
Type Military alliance
 -  As Axis Alliance 16 March 2014 
 -  As SACTO 8 July 2014 

The Santiago Anti-Communist Treaty Organisation (SACTO; Spanish: Organizacion del Tratado Anticomunista de Santiago) is an intergovernmental organisation and a military alliance aimed at combating and eradicating the forces of communism and its other Marxist-variants. SACTO is the successor organisation to the now defunct Axis Alliance, which was comprised of the Cebu Cooperation Pact, and its follow up organisation the Santiago Cooperation Pact. The latter was re-branded and reorganised into its present form on 8 July 2014.

Politically, SACTO is identified as right-wing; its membership, as of 5 March, 2017, consists of 28 member states of varying government types, from centrist democratic liberals to the more authoritarian absolute monarchy or military junta. Despite varying form of governments, the majority of SACTO members are considered realist - in stark contrast with member-states of the International Freedom Coalition who are generally aligned with liberalism - and all are united in their crusade against Marxist-Communism and other rogue elements throughout the international system.

Initially, SACTO was one of three dominant international alliances, alongside the International Freedom Coalition (IFC) and the United Left. It mainly found itself as being adversaries with the former, engaging in various conflicts with each other. Following the weakening and eventual dissolution of the United Left from 2014 onwards, SACTO then mainly focused its efforts in rivalling the IFC, while at the same time having countries that had duel membership of both alliance. Following a period of détente between the IFC and SACTO and the general weakening of the former due to international leadership struggles, the leadership began turning their attention towards evolving asymmetrical threats internationally from 2016 on.


Axis Alliance Era

Cebu Cooperation Pact - precursor organization to SACTO - also known as the Axis Alliance was formed officially on march 16, 2014. It consisted of five core founding members (Asigna, Whiteshore, Huda, Dewhurst-Narculist and Gran Cuscatlan), and expanded when Aravea and Aeyariss joined the Axis in March 2016. went into hiatus in mid-May 2014 as a result of internal problems that led to the temporary dissolution of the Axis Alliance, and since that several successor organization attempted to replaced the Axis (Central Powers, Order of Axis Nations) but none prevailed until the nation Aeyariss, Dewhurst-Narculis and Gran Cuscatlan forged a new core of Axis and moved the new Axis Alliance HQ to Santiago, Gran Cuscatlan. In August 2014, the founding member Asigna was suspending over allegations of power abuse, and misdirection the Axis members. Asigna opted to left the Alliance, severely disrupted the cohesivess of the Santiago Cooperation Pact. In order to transform the Santiago Cooperation Pact in light of Asigna suspension and eventual removal, a new core consisted of Nifon, Aeyariss, Inyursta, and Dewhurst-Narculis rebranded Axis Alliance into its present form; Santiago Anti-Communist Treaty Organization.

Conflict with the United Left

SACTO and the IFC

New threats


  • Promoting world peace and international stability through forging of a strong web of alliances.
  • Safeguarding the freedom and liberty from oppressive communist/marxist regime throughout the globe.
  • Eradication of communism and marxism throughout the international system.

Fundamental Principles

  • Though Shall Kill Commie


List of Members (As of 5 March 2017)

Country Accession Notes
Aeyariss TBC Founding Member
Aravea TBC Founding Member
Arcerion TBC
Atmaera TBC
Bolrieg TBC Founding Member
 Carloso 20 May 2017
TECT TBC Founding Member
 Daeseong TBC Founding Member
Dewhurst-Narculis TBC Founding Member
El Cuscatlan/ New Aeyariss TBC Founding Member, also known as Nifon
Flardania TBC Founding Member
Flauc TBC
 Ghant TBC
La Républiqua D'Inyursta TBC Founding Member
Isle of Lost TBC
Mcnernia TBC
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New Edom
Quirina TBC
Organized States TBC
 Riysa TBC
Romic TBC
Shalum TBC
The Macabees TBC
New Austzeland TBC
Rentalla TBC Inactive/ Reservist
Nachmere TBC Inactive/ Reservist
Vaakal TBC Inactive/ Reservist
The Tarkanese Federation TBC Inactive/ Reservist
The United Remnants of America January 2017 Outer Circle
  • Founder Members referred to members previously in the former Axis Alliance.

Honorary Members

Country Application Accession Notes
Gigaverse TBC TBC

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