San Cristobal

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Province of San Cristobal
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Location of San Cristobal

Country Costa Fiero
Capital Bellavista
Largest City Bellavista
Founded 1914
Population 1,200,045
Area 70,049 km²
Population density 17.1/km²
Governor Óscar Torres Castillo
Departments 7
Municipalities 77
Official languages Spanish

San Cristobal, officially the Province of San Cristobal, is a province located in the south of Costa Fiero. With an area of over 70,000 square kilometers and a population of 1.2 million inhabitants, San Cristobal is the sixth largest province by area and fifth by population. San Cristobal is bordered to the south by Valverde, to the west by Cordóba and Sierra, to the north by San Vincente and to the east by Amazonas.

The province was created in 1914 following a referendum initiated by citizens of Bellavista and Huallaga in 1913. The province was originally administrated as part of Amazonas. Economically, the province is dependent on forestry, agriculture and tourism.