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Samuel of Aquitayne
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King of Aquitayne
Lord of the Northern isles
Lord Commander
His Majesty the King Samuel of Aquitayne
Biographical Information
Reign 2012 - present
Coronation January 07, 2012
Predecessor Thomas Reich
Heir Prince Liam Reich
Full Name Samuel Tiberius Reich I
Born 1990
Telora, Aquitayne
Culture Aquitaynian
Father Thomas Reich
Mother Lorain Reich
House House Reich
Queen Queen Lori Reich
Spouse Queen Lori Reich of Aquitayne
Issue Liam Reich
Sarah Reich
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Samuel Reich (born 12 March 1990) is the King of Aquitayne. He succeeded to the throne on 7 January 2012 after the death of his father, Thomas Riech, who died of catastrophic heart failure. As heir apparent to the throne, he previously bore the title of Prince of the Northern Isles, and - due to his young age - was still attending primary school when he succeeded to the throne.

In accordance with the Aquitaynian Constitution, as monarch, he is head of state and commander-in-chief of the Aquitaynian Armed Services, and plays a major role in serving as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He is married to Lori Cummings, with whom he has two children - a daughter, Sarah Riech, and a son, Liam Riech.

Birth and Early Life


Samuel is currently married to Her Majesty the Queen Mother Lori Cummings, and is father to His Grace Prince Liam Reich, Lord of the Northern Isles and Heir Presumptive, as well as Princess Sarah Reich, twins born on the same day two hours apart.

Reign (2012 - Present)

Samuel Reich's coronation was held on the fifth of January, 2012. The coronation was attended by monarchs from around Astyria, including Empress Seondok Kiramashi-Reich, sister-in-law to the King; Aleksandar II of Nikolia; the Presidents and Prime Ministers of over thirty nations across Astyria as well as official envoys of nations around the world. It is noted as the third largest televised event in Astyrian history, and the first largest in Aquitaynian television history, with over 425 million viewers from across the region.

Since his coronation in 2012, Samuel has governed Aquitayne with the help of the Privy Council and has solidified his place on the throne through various domestic agendas. Firstly, he has seen a rise of energy production in Aquitayne increase 10% in the green energy sector as well as information technology employment grow by a steady 3.5% per year.

Samuel has been seen as a hardliner against Symphonia, especially when referring to the Contruum Administration. The recent speech the King gave to the Symphonian Congrees in regards to the Contruum Ministry's policy to annex parts of Insula Fera is the zenith of rising tensions between the sister-states, representing a low in the relationship between the two members of the United Kingdom.

Samuel has also been at the forefront of the 2013 Invasion of Pangus, seeking Symphonian and Riysan support to secure elections and rebuild a country that has been subject to violence from varying, rival warlords that sought to take advantage of the dispersion of the Imperial Spartanian Empire. The King oversaw the deployment of over 75,000 Aquitaynian soldiers, airmen, marines and sailors to Insula Fera in an effort to assuage these problems in the region, and has since been engaged in fierce urban fighting with the insurgents.

Additionally, with the rising influence of the Eastern Astyrian Trade Alliance and the Astyrian Trade Organization, the King inacted the Reich Credenda, a foreign policy statement that blanketed all monarchies in the region under the protection of the Crown and its holdings, as well as reinforced and affirmed the neutrality of the United Kingdom and Aquitayne in the growing quarrel between the two super pacs.

Western Tundra crisis

Military Service

Dates of rank

Rank Date
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Second lieutenant
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First lieutenant

Awards and Honors

Domestic Awards and Ribbons:

Aquitaynian military decorations
Urimanus Cross (Combat .png Urimanus Cross
Order of the Legionnaire.png Order of the Legionnaire (Lord Commander)
OtG-Army.png Order of the Griffin (Army)
Gallantry Cross.png Gallantry Cross
MSM-Army.png Meritorious Service Medal (Army)
Army Combat Action.png Combat Action Ribbon (Army)
National Defense Service.png National Defense Service Medal
UK Service.png United Kingdom Service Medal
Foreign Service Medal.png Foreign Service Medal
Humanitarian Service.png Humanitarian Service Medal

Samuel was given multiple military and civilian commendations from foreign nations or entities:

Titles, Styles and Arms