Rongtai Wen

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His Excellency

Rongtai Wen
Poнгтaи Weн

Katranflag5189.png President of the People's Republic of Katranjiev
In office
Dec. 11, 1961 – Dec. 11, 1971
Premier Sasho Yanev
Deyan Dobrev
Preceded by Huankun Chen
Succeeded by Nuoju Zeng
Personal details
Born July 2, 1926
Baicheng, Trifonov, Katranjiev
Nationality Katranjian
Political party Liberationist Party (1953-2008)
Spouse(s) Biyu Zhai (b. 1929, m. 1946-2015, d. 2015)
Children Chenhua Wen (b. 1948), Rongji Wen (b. 1952), Mingzhu Wen (b. 1955, d. 1967)
Profession Politician
Religion Txoist

Rongtai Wen was the second President of the People's Republic of Katranjiev. Serving from 1961 to 1971, he was officially the head of state, although in practice, Huankun Chen was the de-facto leader.

Born on July 2, 1926 in Baicheng, he was raised by a single mother. Due to their poverty, they often took up odd jobs. Consequently, as a child, he was friendless and had to assist with chores. When Wen was 15, he dropped out of school in order to try and better themselves, and became the breadwinner. In 1943, he met his future wife, 14-year old Biyu Zhai, and developed a close relationship with one another. In 1946, they officially married: thus, he became a breadwinner for both his wife and his mother. Despite this, he and Biyu had their first child, daughter Chenhua Wen in 1948, followed by their son, Rongji Wen in 1952, and then another daughter, Mingzhu Wen in 1955. Mingzhu Wen died of leukemia in 1967.

Following the December Revolution in 1951, Rongtai Wen chose to join the Liberationists, since he felt that "I got nothing better to do." Over the next ten years, he rose through the ranks, first meeting Huankun Chen in 1955.