Radiatian Presidential Election, LET 60

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Radiatian Presidential Election, LET 60
Radiatian Federation
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All 483 electoral votes of the Electoral College
242 electoral votes needed to win
Turnout82.1% (voting eligible)
  Autenberg.jpg Pavlovic.jpg
Nominee Jaagen Autenberg Angela Pavlovic
Party Social Democratic Union Liberal-Conservative Party
Home state Diatara Clode
Running mate Steven McCarthy Vladimir Perry
Electoral vote 254 229
States carried 23 14 + FCT
Popular vote 80,932,511 74,706,933
Percentage 52% 48%

Presidential election results map. Blue denotes states won by
Pavlovic/Perry, and Red denotes those won by Autenberg/McCarthy.
Numbers indicate electoral votes allotted to the winner of each state.

President before election

Angela Pavlovic
Liberal-Conservative Party

Elected President

Jaagen Autenberg
Social Democratic Union

The Radiatian Presidential Election of LET 60 was held on October 2nd LET 60. The winner was 72-year old Jaagen Autenberg, the nationally unknown Premier of Diatara, the Social Democratic candidate over the incumbent President Angela Pavlovic, the Liberal-Conservative candidate.

President Gregori Fyoderov was impeached in LET 57, a year after his landslide re-election, and his Vice President Angela Pavlovic ascended to the role, making her the country's first woman President. Pavlovic presided over a period of high economic growth and stability, but made several crucial foreign policy errors and was criticised for her lack of decisive action over issues such as the Karasian War and the Algrabad War, which supposedly reduced Radiatia's international prestige. She was also widely criticised for the decision to settle a million Algrabadi and other refugees in Zone 44, a fact that Autenberg frequently capitalised on during the campaign.

In LET 58, the Social Democratic Union swept to control of both chambers of the Radiatian Federal Parliament for the first time since Pavlovic herself had gained control on behalf of the LCP in LET 46. Despite fears this could lead to a divided government and even another federal government shutdown, Pavlovic worked well with the SDU in Parliament, signing the first Federal Minimum Wage Act into law, while deepening ties with Poldania and opening trade with the Arthurian Federation. Pavlovic's approval ratings rose, and she gained the LCP nomination uncontested.

The Social Democratic primaries were, on the other hand, a bitter affair that saw Jaagen Autenberg gain the nomination in spite of Bahamatsu Premier Melina Forst's frontrunner status. Upon gaining the nomination several leading Social Democrats, including former President Keldon Silviu publicly distanced themselves from Autenberg, whose campaign was seen as simultaneously "too conservative", on issues such as immigration and law and order, and "too left-wing" including Autenberg causing controversy by claiming the fall of the RPSU had been a bad thing. Autenberg's campaign message was vague and generally described as populist and polls frequently put President Pavlovic ahead, often by wide margins.

The day of the election saw the highest recorded voter turnout in Radiatian history with 82% of registered voters casting a ballot. Despite polls showing Pavlovic in the lead, in the end Autenberg won a shock victory, gaining 52% of the popular vote and 254 electoral college votes. Both candidates broke the record for the highest number of votes received for an individual candidate - having previously been set by Gregori Fyoderov in LET 56, while Jaagen Autenberg becomes the oldest person ever elected to the office of President, a record previously held by Hiroshi Vodotel.

Analysts have called LET 60 a realigning election, noting that Autenberg won the previously safe "blue" (LCP) northern states, while Angela Pavlovic won the previously safe "red" (SDU) western states - also becoming the first Liberal-Conservative candidate in history to carry Saku and the Federal Capital Territory, which even Gregori Fyoderov was unable to achieve during his LET 56 landslide.

Immediately after the results, the EXE500 fell by 200 points while the value of the Tsenyen plummeted due to market panic. Similar panics occurred in other nations across Noctur.