Radiatian Presidential Election, LET 56

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Radiatian Presidential Election, LET 56
Radiatian Federation
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All 483 electoral votes of the Electoral College
242 electoral votes needed to win
Turnout53% (voting eligible)
  Fyoderov.jpg Warsazeck.jpg
Nominee Gregori Fyoderov Owen Warsazeck
Party Liberal-Conservative Party Social Democratic Union
Home state Jingyurin Midgard
Running mate Angela Pavlovic Frank Wallis
Electoral vote 465 18
States carried 36 1 + FCT
Popular vote 61,983,534 38,612,693
Percentage 61% 38%

Presidential election results map. Blue denotes states won by
Fyoderov/Pavlovic, and Red denotes those won by Warsazeck/Wallis.
Numbers indicate electoral votes allotted to the winner of each state.

President before election

Gregori Fyoderov
Liberal-Conservative Party

Elected President

Gregori Fyoderov
Liberal-Conservative Party

The Radiatian Presidential Election of LET 56 was held on November 24th LET 56. Following a long and bitter battle in the Presidential primaries, Owen Warsazeck, the Premier of the state of Midgard eventually won the nomination of the Social Democratic Union. Warsazeck, a self described democratic socialist ran a populist campaign promising major economic reforms. Although polls had initially predicted a close race, the result was a landslide victory for the Liberal-Conservative nominee, incumbent President Gregori Fyoderov.

Fyoderov's victory was historic, with him carrying 36 out of 37 states and 61% of the popular vote - making it the single largest margin of victory in Radiatian history. Warsazeck carried only the state of Saku and the Federal Capital Territory. Fyoderov campaigned mostly for the status quo, though promised that he would focus on free trade. However he was able to tout an economic recovery and reduced inflation rates, as well as a successful foreign policy (known as the "Sunshine Policy") which had kept Radiatia out of conflict for four years.

Fyoderov's popularity allowed the Liberal-Conservative Party to take full control of the Radiatian Federal Parliament, with the Senate race seeing the LCP and SDU tying on 37 Senators each, but giving the LCP control via Vice President Angela Pavlovic's tie-breaking vote. The LCP maintained its majority in the Federal Assembly.