Radiatian Presidential Election, LET 48

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Radiatian Presidential Election, LET 48
Radiatian Federation
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All 483 electoral votes of the Electoral College
242 electoral votes needed to win
Turnout50.2% (voting eligible)
  Silviu2.png Kartsy.jpg
Nominee Keldon Silviu Kärtsy Nepula
Party Social Democratic Union Liberal-Conservative Party
Home state Vatfer Eldura
Running mate Samuel Negasi Alexander Ivanov
Electoral vote 242 241
States carried 17 + FCT 20
Popular vote 45,715,427 45,714,815
Percentage 48.56% 48.54%

Presidential election results map. Red denotes states won by
Silviu/Negasi, and Blue denotes those won by Nepula/Ivanov.
Numbers indicate electoral votes allotted to the winner of each state.

President before election

Keldon Silviu
Social Democratic Union

Elected President

Keldon Silviu
Social Democratic Union

The Radiatian Presidential Election of LET 48 was held on March 16 LET 48. Social Democratic candidate and incumbent President Keldon Silviu narrowly defeated Liberal-Conservative Party candidate Kärtsy Nepula, the Premier of the State of Eldura.

The election was the single closest election in Radiatian history, with Silviu defeating Nepula by only one vote in the electoral college. In the nationwide popular vote, Silviu was victorious by a margin of only 612 votes - the single narrowest margin of victory ever recorded in Radiatian history. Although by the 17th of March, 36 states had been counted and Nepula had amassed 241 electoral college votes, Silviu was awarded the 16 electoral votes of the State of Mus following a quick recount as ordered by the state's Premier. Silviu won the state by a margin of 948 votes.

While the electoral college was vastly different as a result of major redistricting following the LET 45 census, only three states changed allegiance. Alayenia voted for the Social Democratic Union in the LET 44 election, but voted for the Liberal-Conservative Party in LET 48. Jingyurin and Mus both voted for the LCP in LET 44, but voted for the SDU in LET 48.

Neither candidate was able to gain an absolute majority, with Silviu winning 48.56% of the popular vote, and Nepula winning 48.54%. 4% of the vote went to third party candidates, although no third party candidate was on the ballot in every state.

The Social Democratic Union made gains in the Federal Assembly and in the Senate, but ultimately the Liberal-Conservative Party retained control of both houses of the Radiatian Federal Parliament.