Radiatian Presidential Election, LET 44

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Radiatian Presidential Election, LET 44
Radiatian Federation
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All 450 electoral votes of the Electoral College
226 electoral votes needed to win
Turnout67.1% (voting eligible)
  Keldon.jpg Gregori1.png
Nominee Keldon Silviu Gregori Fyoderov
Party Social Democratic Union Liberal-Conservative Party
Home state Vatfer Jingyurin
Running mate Samuel Negasi Donovan Brandt
Electoral vote 271 179
States carried 16 + FCT 21
Popular vote 57,678,143 51,148,542
Percentage 53% 47%

Presidential election results map. Red denotes states won by
Silviu/Negasi, and Blue denotes those won by Fyoderov/Brandt.
Numbers indicate electoral votes allotted to the winner of each state.

President before election

Hiroshi Vodotel

Elected President

Keldon Silviu
Social Democratic Union

The Radiatian Presidential Election of LET 44 was held on December 1st LET 44. Keldon Silviu, an MP from Vatfer and son of former President Traiyan Silviu defeated former Foreign Affairs Minister Gregori Fyoderov of Jingyurin.

The election was held in the aftermath of the Radiatian Constitutional Crisis and was the first election since the Radiatian Federation transitioned from being a parliamentary republic to a presidential system. While Silviu was initially the favourite to win, polls in key swing-states such as Alayenia, Xegfause and Mus indicated that Gregori Fyoderov had an even chance of winning the election. Polls indicated that initially Gregori Fyoderov was ahead in the nationwide popular vote.

Fyoderov's campaign was damaged by a number of gaffes, mostly attributed to his running mate Donovan Brandt, the Premier of New Vashura. Silviu's campaign, by contrast, was described by critics as "bland", but he was able to capitalise on Radiatians' desire for change.

The election resulted in a victory for Silviu, who won 271 electoral votes to Fyoderov's 179. However, Fyoderov carried the most states.

The election also saw a landslide victory for the Social Democratic Union in both houses of the Radiatian Federal Parliament, with the party gaining a majority in the Federal Assembly as well as in the Senate.

Robert Kurzmann was elected the Speaker of the Federal Assembly on the same night.