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Democratic Empire of Quenmin
Phạm Dynasty

Đế chế Dân chủ của Quen Minh (Romanized)
帝𠶜民主𧶮捐盟 (Chu Nom Script)
Nhà Phạm
Motto: Đức, Trí tuệ, Và thịnh vượng
Virtue, Wisdom, and Prosperity
CapitalCao Khoát
Largest city Kontin
Official languages Vietnamese
Recognized languages English, Hmong, Thai, Tagalog, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese
Ethnic groups
  • 84.8% Kinh
  • 2.3% Tam
  • 2.2% Tuboan
  • 2.1% Tagalog
  • 1.9% Châu (White Quenminese)
  • 6.7% Others
Demonym Quenminese
Government Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
 -  Emperor Lành Chinh
 -  Prime Minister Trần Liễng Tâm Han
 -  estimate 210,000,000
GDP (PPP) estimate
 -  Total $788 billion
 -  Per capita $31,200
HDI Increase 0.867
very high
Currency tiền (Ѧ)
Drives on the right
Calling code +573
ISO 3166 code QM
Internet TLD .qm

Quenmin is a country in Tyran, located in the continent of Siduri. It is situated with the Hung Linh Sea to the east, with Arkoenn to the west, Lachelle to the north, and a wildlands to the south.


Hoang Khanh Culture (3400-2620 BC)

Hong Bang Dynasty (2690-1875 BC)

National Restoration Movement (1853-1888 AD)

Empire of Quenmin (1888-1947 AD)

Shift to a Democratic Monarchy (1947-1965 AD)

Modern Era (1965-present)




Public Holidays

Name Quenminese Name Date(s) Notes
New Year's Day Ngay đâu năm January 1 Celebration of the New Year.
Quenminese New Year Tết January 28-30 Marks a new year of the lunisolar calendar. A national one week of leisure from work, labor, and school after the celebration is followed.
Emperor's Birthday Sinh nhật của Hoàng đế March 15 (currently) Observance of the birthday of the current Emperor of Quenmin.
National Teachers' Day Ngày Nhà giáo Quốc April 16 Observance of the enormous contributions of every teacher and professor within the nation to the educational system.
International Workers' Day Ngày quốc tế lao động May 1 Observance of the efforts of every worker within the country. This day is also celebrated with 80% of all nations within Tyran.
Inception of Democracy Khởi động của Dân chủ June 12 Commemorates the day when the Imperial Constitution of Quenmin was ratified.
Summer Climax (Fireworks Warfare Day) Mùa hè Cao trào (Ngày Pháo hoa Chiến tranh) August 13-15 The day when the youth and adult population celebrate the ending days of summer vacation by enacting a war game with fireworks or a fusillade of fireworks. Safety precautions for this celebrations have been established by local governments all across the country.
Election Day Ngày bầu cử November 5 The day when the nation elects a future parliament to take over the government for the next five years.
Celebration of Serenity Kỷ niệm Sự thanh bình December 15-December 31 Observance of the passing of the Thuận Thiên Comet once every 51 years. The celebration requires everyone to wear clothes that contain either teal, cyan, pink, blue, or purple, as these colors emphasize the symbolism of the illuminating core of the comet and its long streak stretching across the sky.