Queen Crica of Meriad

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Queen Crica of Meriad 1.jpg
Reign 1 January 2017 – present
Predecessor King Sketli
Heir apparent Crown Prince Martin Valebrokk Sommerfeldt
Prime Minister
Born (1982-11-20) 20 November 1982 (age 35)
Járnfjördur, Meriad
Spouse Prince-consort Elias Hetland (m. 2005)
Full name
Crica Helena Sommerfeldt
House Sommerfeldt
Father King Sketli
Mother Queen Agnes

Queen Crica is the current monarch of Meriad, having ascended to the throne on 1 January 2017. She is the eldest living child of Sketli Sommerfeldt, whom she succeeded after his abdication. She married Elias Hetland in 2005, which whom she has two children. Her eldest son, Prince Martin, is the next in the line of succession.

Early Life


Crica attended Fjellsrud College in Isafjalla, where she majored in northern Escari history, with a minor in international relations. She was accepted into the University of Berknafjördur's prestigious three-year Bjorn Fröstaller Graduate Program in 2001, but decided not to enroll following the death of her elder brother, Crown Prince Aleksander, in a skiing accident.


In 2005, Crica married Elias Hetland, a well-known polar marine biologist working primarily in Høstenpunkt, Eyjanfjalla.


Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark