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This is a list of all public holidays celebrated in Katranjiev, both on the federal and ducal levels. Businesses generally remain open, although government services are closed on all federal holidays. The exception is Christmas Day, when all businesses except gas stations and stores in airports are closed.

Federal Holidays

Name Date Description
New Year's Day January 1 Celebrates the start of the new year
Namorese New Year moveable Celebrates start of the Namorese lunar year
Good Friday moveable Commemorates the death of Jesus
Easter Sunday moveable Commemorates the resurrection of Jesus
St. George's Day April 23 Feast day of patron saint St. George, considered to be national day
May Day May 1 Celebrates the achievements of laborers
Restoration Day May 11 Celebrates the restoration of the Katranjian monarchy following a referendum in 1989
Pentecost moveable Celebrated 49 days after Easter Sunday
Midsummer June 24 Celebrates the start of summer
Memorial Day July 12 Commemorates the war dead in all wars fought by Katranjiev, held on the anniversary of the end of the Battle of Dobrumir in (TBC)
Queen's Birthday August 26 Celebrates birthday of the Queen
Dissident Day December 11 Commemorates the dissidents who opposed the tyranny of the People's Republic of Katranjiev
Christmas Eve December 24 Night before Jesus was born
Christmas Day December 25 Celebrates birth of Jesus
Boxing Day December 26 Traditional gift-giving day in the north
New Year's Eve December 31 Celebrates the end of the old year

Ducal holidays

Each duchy is allowed to celebrate one additional holiday. As such, many typically select the feast day of their patron saint, since many duchies had no reliable record of when they were first established.

Although duchies are permitted to have additional holidays, federal law only obliges employers to pay holiday pay for the following list below, and federal institutions within the duchies (except essential services) may only close on these days.

Date Name Description Observed in
January 22 Saint Vincent's Day Feast day for Saint Vincent, patron saint of Deyan Deyan
January 26 Saint Titus' Day Feast day for Saint Titus, patron saint of Iliev and its duchy Iliev
February 1 Saint Tryphon's Day Feast day for Saint Tryphon, patron saint of Trifonov Trifonov
March 19 Saint Joseph's Day Feast day for Saint Joseph, patron saint of Slava and Antoni Slava, Antoni
May 7 Saint Duzhe's Day Feast day for Saint Duzhe, patron saint of Chenov Chenov
May 16 Saint John's Day Feast day for Saint John of Talnakh, patron saint of the city and its duchy Talnakh
May 28 Saint Bernard's Day Feast day for Saint Benard, patron saint of the Karpati Mountains and its duchies Haralambi, Genkov, Chavdarov
June 15 Saint Vitus' Day Feast day for Saint Vitus, patron saint of Durvo y Lovets Durvo y Lovets
July 25 Saint Jacob's Day Feast day for Saint Jacob, patron saint of Sokolov and its duchy Sokolov
September 28 Saint Wenceslas' Day Feast day for Saint Wenceslas, patron saint of Krasimir and its duchy Krasimir
October 4 Saint Francis' Day Feast day for Saint Francis, patron saint of Solomon Solomon
October 18 Saint Luke's Day Feast day for Saint Luke, patron saint of Kamuk Kamuk
December 6 Saint Nicholas' Day Feast Day for Saint Nicholas, patron saint of Desislav and its duchy Desislav

Former ducal holidays

These holidays were formerly celebrated until the duchies were dissolved.

Date Name Description Observed in Until
April 23 Saint Adalbert's Day Feast day for Saint Adalbert in Katran and Maritsa Katran, Maritsa 2013 (Katran)
1937 (Maritsa)
May 19 Day of National Revival Celebrates the birth of Huankun Chen, celebrated from 1976 to 2013 Maritsa 2013
May 24 Our Mother of Sheshan's Day Feast day for Our Mother of Sheshan in Iztokov, and Valeriev, as well as the former Eastern duchies Iztokov, Valariev 2013 (Iztokov, Valariev)
June 15 Saint Vitus' Day Feast day for Saint Vitus, patron saint of Lovets Lovets (present-day Durvo y Lovets) 1871 (Lovets)
August 10 Saint Lawrence's Day Feast day for the patron saint of Durvo Durvo (present-day Durvo y Lovets) 1871