Princess Imogen of Granville

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Princess of Granville
Princess Imogen in 2016.
Born (1990-06-22) 22 June 1990 (age 28)
Granville, Jacobshire, Afalia
Full name
Imogen Nicola Isabella Blackdon
HouseHouse of Blackdon
FatherPrince Nicholas of Granville
MotherIsabella Martins
ReligionChurch of Afalia

Princess Imogen of Granville (Imogen Nicola Isabella; born 22 June 1990) is a member of the Afalian Royal Family and a Princess of Afalia. Imogen is the eldest daughter and second child of Prince Nicholas and Princess Isabella of Granville. She is the ninth person overall and fourth woman in line to succeed her second cousin Queen Amelia to the Afalian throne. Imogen's early life was defined by intense media interest because of her secretive nature and friendship with her cousins, Amelia and Laura Princess of Verena. Public perception towards the Princess warmed after she began taking on more royal duties, attended university to study history of art and became more religiously active.

Imogen is the patron and supporter of a number of homeless charities and has taken part in a number of schemes to try and reduce levels of homelessness and help homeless people. She is currently studying art and training to become a painter at the Looiiq School in Blackdon. Despite the shift in public perception media scrutiny of Imogen's life has remained acute. She has been more open in revealing and promoting her political views than other members of the Royal family. Consequently she has been named as one of the three Steel Ladies in Afalia.

Early Life

Imogen was born in The West Park Hospital in Granville, Jacobshire, Afalia at approximately eight o'clock in the morning on the 22nd of June 1990. Her parents, Princess Nicholas of Granville and his wife Princess Isabella, formerly Isabella Martins, had travelled to Granville in preparation for the birth in order to match the Dukedom Nicholas held with the city it honoured. Imogen was the second child and first daughter of Nicholas and Isabella after the birth of Prince Christopher three years earlier and came amidst a wave of royal births in the late 1980s and early 90s including Imogen's second cousins Queen Amelia and Princess Laura. Imogen was named as such, reportedly because of a dispute between Prince Nicholas and Princess Isabella who could not decide between two final Christian names. In the end Imogen was chosen as a consensus pick, though the Duke and Duchess of Granville have denied this when asked. Her middle two names represented her parents with Nicola the female version of her father's name Nicholas and Isabella, her mother's name.

She was baptised into the Church of Afalia in December 1990 at Blessed Mary Church, West Park, Granville with her grandfather Prince Simon of Granville acting as her godfather and Princess Emily of Granville, her aunt and Lillian Quiltz, a family friend of Nicholas and Isabella's, as her godmothers. The Archbishop of Cantwell oversaw the ceremony. The baptism was unusual for the Royal family in that it took place at a local parish church in Granville, rather than St. Nicholas' Cathedral in Blackdon. At the request of the Duke and Duchess of Granville photographers and journalists were also banned and the ceremony was very private with only close Royal and non-royal family and friends attending.

Imogen was educated, from the age of five, at the elite public school Clarrington College, along with her second cousins the future Queen, Amelia, and Princess Laura. The growing Granville family spent most of their time in the city but also spent extensive time in Blackdon. Imogen was visited by her parents regularly at Clarrington in Verena where the family held a flat. She also spent a lot of her time at the Golden Palace where Amelia, Laura and the Princess Natalie lived as their official residence. Imogen reportedly did well at school at creative activities, as well as humanities and English but struggled with sciences and mathematics. Her lifestyle was secretive which fuelled intense media speculation. Unlike her friend and cousin Princess Laura Imogen disliked the spotlight and did not take part in many official royal activities and duties. Classmates described her as quiet and bookish. Rather than cause disinterest in her media scrutiny of her life became intense and opinion polls at the time showed a public disappointed with what they saw as a shy Princess, who 'thought herself above it all.' She graduated from the college with three Higher Levels in English, art and history in 2007, the same year and class as Queen Amelia.

Activities and Career

Imogen, during an interview, promoting a homeless charity scheme in 2007


Imogen was accepted for Royal Blackdon University but chose to study at the University of Blartleo instead because of its History of Art department. Press commentators at the time described the move as 'provincial.' During the months before her enrolment Imogen became far more open with the public and press and public perception of her warmed considerably. She began to undertake more formal royal duties including promoting a number of homeless charities and homeless schemes.



Public Perception

Media Interest

Princess Imogen during a royal Q&A in 2015



Relationships with Other Royals

Queen Amelia

Laura, Princess of Verena

Titles and Styles

Styles of
Princess Imogen of Granville
Reference styleHer Royal Highness
Spoken styleYour Highness
Alternative styleMa'am

Throughout Afalia and the overseas dominions Imogen holds the title of Princess of Granville, inherited via her father Prince Nicholas, Duke of Granville, who in turn inherited it from his father Prince Simon of Afalia, Duke of Granville. As a direct relation to the royal family, through George I when she was born and Queen Amelia in her current reign, Imogen is a Princess of Afalia and entitled to the Her Royal Highness reference. Royal etiquette calls for Imogen to be described as Her Royal Highness when first speaking about her and then afterwards as the Princess of Granville. When in direct conversation with Imogen the correct form of address is Your Highness followed by Ma'am thereafter. Imogen has commented herself on her royal titles and asked to go by the name of simply Imogen when at university. Her official full title is: Her Royal Highness Princess Imogen Nicola Isabella of Granville.

(22 June 1990-Present) Her Royal Highness Princess Imogen of Granville.


Imogen's ancestry, as with all Royal family members, can be traced back to Davnd, the first Traditional Aafaliiaan king of All Afalia in 1712. Her grandfather Prince Simon of Granville was the younger brother of George I. Her closest common ancestor that she shares with Queen Amelia are her great grandparents Quentin and Amelia Blackdon. Imogen is also distantly related to Alfred Waterhouse, the notorious 19th century Governor of Blackdon, through her maternal family the Martins. Lord Waterhouse is Imogen's great great grandfather.