Pragemos (Carloso)

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Founded8 July 2018
HeadquartersMadrigal, Carloso
Youth wingPragemos Youth
Membership  (2018)Increase 3,000+
Political positionCentrist
Official colours     Purple
0 / 859
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Pragemos (portmanteau of the Spanish words pragmáticos and podemos, literally meaning 'pragmatists' and 'we can') is a minor Carlosian political party that claims to be the voice of the international pragmatist movement in Carloso. It favours the restoration of an 'enlightened', semi-executive Carlosian monarchy, the implementation of social liberal policies (but opposition to abortion), the relaxing of the country's extremely strict immigration laws and ending the country's protectionist economic policies. It wishes for Carloso to withdraw from SACTO and rejoin the World Assembly. It has endorsed a No vote in the referendum on the Twenty-eighth Amendment of the Constitution of Carloso, which would make Christianity the state religion of Carloso if passed. Since it is a new establishment, it currently has no seats in the Parliament of Carloso